What to Wear with White Pants

What to Wear with White Pants

Summer is here—that means it’s officially white pants season. Well, here at Perkies, we think you can wear whatever you want whenever you want, but a commonly espoused fashion rule is that white pants are strictly reserved for summer, so we’ll proceed under these conditions. Choosing the correct underwear to wear with white pants can be a perilous process, whether they’re jean or linen or something in between, white pants can often be see through. We’re here to help you determine what to wear with white pants in the underwear department. Many of us have fallen victim to white pants revealing our underwear, and we want to prevent you from being subject to the same fashion error. Luckily, Perkies has two silhouettes of buttery soft seamless underwear that will be invisible under your white pants or other tight or light colored pants.  

What to Wear with White Pants

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Go Seamless and Nude

Perkies panties come in two styles—seamless thongs and cheekies, both of which can be your answer to what to wear with white pants. Both styles are laser cut and entirely seamless—yes, that means that panty lines are banished. Additionally, the thongs are available in light nude and medium nude. The cheekies are available in light nude. Both shades of nude won’t show through white pants or other light colored clothing, meaning you’ll never have to worry about an embarrassing fashion mishap again. Better yet, Perkies panties have an 100% cotton lining meaning they are both hygienic and breathable. 


cheekies underwear from Perkies

At Perkies, we love to uplift other women by recognizing female-founded companies that have served as our inspiration in one way or another. In that spirit, we have to mention Sarah Blakely, founder and CEO of Spanx’s, newest release—pants with Spanx’s cutting edge “Silver Lining Technology” that ensures that pants are entirely opaque, so one never has to worry about underwear lines or what to wear with white pants again. How cool is that! A pair of Spanx’s “Silver Lining” pants and a pair of Perkies panties, and you’re definitely in business. 

As white jeans and white linen season kicks into full swing, do yourself a favor and make sure you have an arsenal of Perkies panties at the ready, so you never have to worry about what to wear with white pants again. 


At Perkies, we want you to feel your most confident in every facet of fashion and life—that is why we design undergarments geared toward empowering women to feel like the best versions of themselves regardless of where life takes them. 

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