Best Underwear for Working Out

Best Underwear for Working Out

What’s in your workout bag? Most women have running shoes, a sports bra, and leggings. But have you considered that your underwear is also part of your workout gear? Many people take their underwear for granted. However, the right underwear is an important part of your workout apparel.

Just imagine taking a zumba class and flashing people with a black thong under white pants. Or, wearing uncomfortable panties that give you a wedgie every time you run. These things can be embarrassing and annoying. And to be perfectly honest—the fabric of underwear is important to the health of your nether regions. Fabrics that don’t breathe properly or lock in sweat cause infections. So, isn’t it time to find the best underwear for working out?


How to Choose the Best Underwear for Working Out


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Luckily, choosing the right panties for your workouts is easy. It starts with choosing the right fabrics. Experts say that the best fabrics are cotton or at least cotton lining. Cotton is a very lightweight, breathable fabric that prevents infections. It also doesn’t retain odor or chafe as you run. 


Other fabrics, such as spandex and nylon, wick away moisture as you sweat. This helps keep you cool and prevents infections. These fabrics are very durable and maintain their shape. 


Additionally, the fabrics you choose should be seamless for ultimate comfort. Seams cause irritation and chafing, and should be avoided. Seamless underwear also helps to prevent unsightly underwear lines on your workout pants or shorts. There are many different seamless panty options from cheekies to thongs.


The best underwear for working out are seamless and have a combination of cotton lining with other fabrics. These will offer the best protection while working out.


Which Panties Style is Best for Working Out

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Perkies offers the best underwear for working out in two styles—seamless thongs and cheekies. Perkies panties are buttery soft, breathable, and keep the sweat away from your body. They also don’t chafe or ride up on you while exercising. 


Cheekies offer full protection in a high rise silhouette. They have cotton lining with spandex and nylon fabrics. As a result, they don’t retain moisture or cause infections. Instead, they are breathable, seamless, and have inclusive sizing. Many people prefer cheekies because they offer more coverage and don’t show underneath your clothing. As a result, you can wear these with leggings or other gear. 


Perkies thongs are oh-so-soft, seamless, and ergonomic. They also won’t give you a fashion faux pas when you are doing yoga or other activities. Like the cheekies, they have cotton lining and other breathable fabrics. The combination gives coverage while wicking sweat away. These thongs are great for versatility and comfort. 

At Perkies, we want you to feel your most confident in every situation, from working out to boss mode. We design undergarments geared toward empowering women to feel their best. From the most comfortable underwear to sticky bras, nipple petals, and more, find your favorite set of undergarments at Perkies.

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