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Perkies Gives Back

 Perkies believes that anyone can make a difference in the world, so we'll be donating 5% of every sale to a charity of your choice:

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation,  HelpHopeLive,  CAMFED, or Girls Who Code.

Designed for you.

Meet Perkies

Vision & Values

The Perks

Fresh Stick as Needed

Perkies is the only sticky bra with replaceable adhesives. That means you get a reliably fresh stick, every time!


Most sticky bras are nearly impossible to wash, but not Perkies! Just remove the adhesives, and hand wash it in the lingerie bag it comes in!

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Value for Life

No need to replace your sticky bra every few wears; with Perkies, you'll only need to replace the (affordable) adhesives. Better for your wallet - and the planet.

What Perkies Girls Say

I love Perkies! I seriously thought they were amazing, they stayed on all night, and were perfectly comfortable

Carly C. (Age 25)

This is an amazing product, honestly.

Ann D. (Age 45)

I sweat a lot and danced a lot and they stayed on very well throughout the whole night!

Sarah B. (Age 26)

I sweat in it for my birthday in NY and in Florida. It felt immovable both times. I honestly forgot it was on until the end of the night.

Katrina G. (Age 24)

My Perkies even stayed on when I got pulled into the pool this summer!

Paige R. (Age 19)

I really thought it was great for creating a nice PERK and a bit of cleavage for us small chested folks. It made me feel confident especially knowing it wouldn't fall down on the dance floor!

Dani G. (Age 30)

I really like the Perkies sticky bra. I am overall pleased with the shape and size, and am impressed with the quality and level of stick.

Katherine B. (Age 28)

I literally did not even think about it the entire time I was wearing it. An awesome level of stick. I love Perkies!

Margot M. (Age 26)

By the way I love the bra! It stays on so well even in the heat!

Rachel K. (Age 36)