Disadvantages of Not Wearing A Bra

Disadvantages of Not Wearing A Bra

There are often disadvantages of not wearing a bra—while aesthetically, going braless is completely subjective, and women should feel empowered in their choices to wear or not wear bras, going braless can come with physical discomfort for some women. It also can be intimidating for some women to feel like they have no support or coverage. 


Disadvantages of Not Wearing A Bra 

In terms of the physical disadvantages of not wearing a bra, women can be subject to back pain that results from lack of support, or even chest pain depending on how big their breasts are. Again, whether one chooses to wear a bra is completely dependent upon their personal preferences, but there are some reasons why women might choose not to go braless for aesthetic reasons. First, some women don’t feel comfortable having their nipples show through their clothing. Second, women may feel like they lack the shape that wearing a traditional bra helps to provide. Thirdly, especially for women with larger breasts, it can feel like their breasts look saggy. 


perkies sticky bra


For women who aren’t ready to go braless, but don’t want to commit to traditional bras, Perkies has an excellent array of products that can stave off the disadvantages of not wearing a bra. If you’re looking for support and shape, then the sticky bra is the perfect undergarment for you. Unlike traditional sticky bras, the Perkies sticky bra uses reusable and replaceable adhesive that helps it maintain its stick for countless wears. The Perkies sticky bra stays on firmly no matter the event, and it will ensure that your breasts look smooth and lifted under any article of clothing. The Perkies sticky bra is also great if your objective is to make sure that your breasts don’t look saggy—the medical grade adhesive is designed so that your Perkies sticky bra will keep your breasts in place no matter how long you’re rocking your sticky bra. Another excellent feature of the Perkies sticky bra is that it is less painful than going braless or wearing a traditional bra. Women often suffer from shoulder and back pain due to the weight of their breasts or to time spent carrying heavy objects. The Perkies sticky bra helps women feel supported and is easy to use—the front clasp means that women don’t have to fumble around their backs to secure their bras. 


And for a bonus point, women who don’t want to forego the cleavage that can be created when one wears a traditional bra and views the lack of cleavage as one of the primary disadvantages of not wearing a bra, then they’d be happy to know that the Perkies sticky bra can create cleavage. By clasping the two cups of the sticky bra together in the front, ample cleavage can be created. 


At Perkies, our mission is to ensure that women feel their most confident and free in fashion and in life. That is why we create functional and stylish undergarments that support (literally ;) !) women in all of life’s endeavors.


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