What To Wear Under A Silk Dress

What To Wear Under A Silk Dress: Three Perfect Products

For anyone who has ever been to a wedding, or especially those who have been in a wedding, you may have found yourself asking what to wear under a silk dress? Silk dresses are all the rage, especially for the bridal party, and with silk dresses, undergarments matter. Nobody wants underwear or bra lines when photos that last a lifetime are being taken! Check out these 3 products that will save the day:

What to Wear Under a Silk Dress


1. Seamless nipple covers: 


nipple covers. What To Wear Under A Silk Dress

Check out these seamless nipple covers that come in 3 shades of nude to perfectly match your skin tone. These medical grade petals have a matte finish and blend into your skin PERFECTLY. Not only will these covers match your skin tone, but with no straps they will also allow for more intricate dress options: backless, strapless, halter, you name it! Shop Perkies nipple petals for a seamless look. 


2. Seamless undies:

Choosing the right underwear for a silk dress is easy with Perkies panties. They are buttery soft and and extremely comfortable. These panties also won't ride up while when dancing or moving around. We suggest wearing nude or pink panties under a white dress, as they show less than white. For all other colors, choose a shade similar to the color dress you are wearing, or wear nude shades. There are two different style options, thongs and cheekies.


seamless underwear

Perkies seamless thongs are mid rise and come in five different colors, including two shades of nude. They also come in white, black, and blue. Perkies cheekies have a high rise silhouette and won't show underneath your silk dress. They also come in two different colors, black and pink. 

For silk dresses, seamless underwear is a must. Going seamless has the perks of no underwear lines showing, a breathable fabric to match the silk dress, and the flexibility of different styles. These styles include either seamless thongs or a more full coverage option like the bikini style. Not only are underwear styles important when deciding what to wear under a silk dress, color is also a key factor. Perkies Panties are the perfect solution to wear under any wedding guest dress, even if you’re the bride!


3. Sticky Bra:


perkies sticky bras


This isn't just any sticky bra, this one has layered and replaceable adhesives. If you are looking for more lift, this option is perfect. With a seamless finish, the Perkies sticky bra works perfectly with all types of silk dresses. Perkies sticky bras are reliable, comfortable, and flattering, all necessities for silk dresses and wedding season!


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