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Best Backless Bras

Strapless bras can be a woman’s worst nightmare—we’ve all been there, you’re on the dance floor or you’re at an event, and you can’t help but spend the entire evening tugging up your bra as it slowly slides down your body exposing your breasts to elements. Ok, so maybe it’s not quite that dramatic, but the ever unreliable strapless bra can get quite frustrating when a strapless bra is integral to your outfit. Enter the sticky bra—a strapless bra alternative invented in the early 2000s. A sticky bra is a backless and strapless bra that sticks to a woman’s breasts with adhesive. They are a total wardrobe game-changer! Today, sticky bras are generally considered the best backless bras, but that doesn’t mean that they are all created equally. Here at Perkies, we’ve perfected the best backless bra and strapless bra alternative—the Perkies sticky bra!


Best Backless Bra


It isn’t difficult to understand why women turn to sticky bras as a strapless bra alternative. In general, sticky bras provide women with coverage and support without the bulk of traditional bras. Sticky bras are the answer when you don’t want to go completely braless, but also can’t commit to wearing a traditional strapless bra because they fall down and aren’t backless. That doesn’t mean that sticky bras come without any issues. Often, sticky bras lose their stick after just a few wears, meaning that every time you want to wear something that requires a sticky bra, you have to purchase a new one. Like a traditional strapless bra, it’s not a pleasant feeling to be on the dance floor and feel your sticky bra slowly sliding off. Luckily, Perkies created the best sticky bra on the market and here’s why. 


perkies sticky bra


The Perkies sticky bra, unlike other sticky bras, uses reusable medical grade adhesive meaning that when you feel your bra starting to lose its stick, you can replace the adhesive. In fact, Perkies developed the only sticky bra with replaceable adhesives, so you won’t find any other sticky bra as friendly to the environment or to your wallet. Say goodbye to the days of constantly researching the best backless bras and purchasing new sticky bras for every event, because the Perkies sticky bra is durable and long lasting. 


Each Perkies sticky bra comes with two sets of layered adhesives inside each cup. Once the top layer of adhesive begins to lose its adhesive properties, the wearer can peel back the top layer of adhesive to expose the fresh layer beneath it. Once that layer of adhesive wears out, you can order a new set from the Perkies website. Better yet, since the Perkies sticky bra uses removable and replaceable adhesive, you can wash your sticky bra before replacing the adhesive meaning it is far more hygienic than other sticky bras you might buy. 


Perkies sticky bra - best backless bras

Get your Perkies sticky bra and a set of replaceable adhesives. You’ll wonder how you ever could have worn another sticky bra. Trust us, we know you’ll be thankful later! 


The Essentials 


Perkies strives to empower women in fashion and in life. That’s why Perkies created a line of undergarments that help women experiment with their personal style without fear of wardrobe malfunctions. Whatever outfit you want to rock, from the office to the runway, we’ve got you covered.


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