bras for wedding dresses

Bras for Wedding Dresses

If you’re in a cold climate, we know it may be hard to believe that wedding season is just around the corner, but despite the freezing temperatures, wedding season is rapidly approaching. With the advent of wedding season comes the need for the perfect bras for wedding dresses, particularly bras for wedding dresses with low backs. Perkies is here to ensure that all brides look their best on their special days, and that their bridal parties and wedding guests also have the perfect undergarment options to wear with their dresses.


While wedding dresses can take many forms, the majority of wedding dresses are backless, strapless, or have some other intricate pattern that precludes the bride from wearing a traditional bra. Finding the best bras for wedding dresses can be a difficult mission, but Perkies has two fabulous options—the sticky bra and petals—to ensure that as the bride, you look and feel your most fabulous and confident. Not to mention that both options are great for wedding dresses with low backs! 

sticky bra. bras for wedding dresses

The first wedding day option is the Perkies sticky bra, a great choice for brides who don’t want to wear a traditional bra, but would like more coverage than nipple covers alone can provide. The Perkies sticky bra uses replaceable adhesive that allows you to reapply adhesive to your bra every time it loses its stick. The reusable formula means that you can wear your sticky bra not only on your special day, but for many wears to come. Better yet, unlike other sticky bras, you can wash your Perkies sticky bra regularly, making it far more hygienic than other options on the market. 


If you’re on the hunt for bras for wedding dresses, another option is Perkies petals. Petals are less supportive than the Perkies sticky bra—they are reusable nipple covers meaning they are great for people who want minimal coverage and support. If you’re not quite ready to go braless, but don’t want much coverage, then nipple petals are the perfect option for you. Like the sticky bra, petals have reusable adhesive and they are made out of medical grade silicone. Additionally, petals come in three shades of nude to seamlessly blend into an array of skin tones. Best of all, they are completely matte, so they won’t reflect the light in any flash photographs of your big day. 


perkies petals


Petals are also a great option for all your bridesmaids. Not only are they the perfect substitute for a bra with your wedding dress, they are ideal for any silky bridesmaids dresses or those with intricate cuts and designs. Petals also make perfect gifts for your bridesmaids and are excellent treats to include in a bachelorette goodie bag. If you’re interested in giving petals to members of your bridal party, contact us at to learn more about discounts for orders of ten or more petals. 


Here’s where to find us: 

  • A Little Something White (Darien, CT) 
  • Bridal Reflections (Multiple Locations in the NYC area) 
  • The One Gown is run by Lesley, a bridal concierge based out of Los Angeles who helps brides find the perfect dresses for their special days. She is a big fan of Perkies products, especially the sticky bra


If you have inquiries about selling Perkies petals in your bridal boutique, please reach out to


Perkies makes innovative and high-quality undergarments for joyful and adventurous women. We strive to make women feel their most beautiful and confident on any day of their lives from their first dates to wedding days and everything in between. 


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