how to wear nipple petals

How to Wear Nipple Petals

Nipple covers are a wardrobe staple—they are easy to wear, and they provide the comfort and ease of going braless with the added bonus of a little bit of extra coverage, if that is what makes you feel most comfortable. That’s why Perkies created Perkies Petals as the perfect intermediary between the Perkies sticky bra and going braless. Wearing Perkies Petals is easy! To follow, is a guide on how to wear nipple petals most effectively. 


Why should I wear nipple covers? 

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Nipple covers allow you to wear all your silky slips, low cut tops, and backless numbers without fear of a fashion mishap. Perkies nipple petals are comfortable and easy to use. They are special because, unlike traditional nipple covers, petals use medical grade hypo-allergenic adhesive. This special adhesive means that they won’t irritate your skin upon application or removal. Furthermore, they are matte allowing them to seamlessly blend into your skin. Perkies values being inclusive, so our petals come in three different shades of nude to serve as many skin tones as possible. Another added bonus of petals’ matte texture—they won’t reflect the light in flash photography! If you’re new to wearing nipple petals, then they might be a little intimidating, so we’re here to help with all the tips on how to wear nipple petals.   


Wearing nipple petals is totally simple. It’s really only a two step process. First, remove your petals from their package, peeling back the thin plastic protective coating. Once the protective film is removed from your petals, place a petal over each nipple. Then, press down and smooth the edges of the petal for a firm stick and a seamless blend into your skin. Once you’ve secured your petals, you’re ready to go! Throw on that daring blouse and hit your cat walk.  

how to wear perkies petals. how to wear nipple peteals

How do I care for my Perkies Petals? 


How to wear nipple petals properly is just one aspect of getting the most out of your petals—it is also incredibly important to ensure that you keep your petals clean. Cleaning your petals rejuvenates their “stick,” so that your petals don’t lose their adhesive properties. To clean your petals, gently massage them in warm soapy water. Once you’ve removed any dirt on your petals, place them face up to dry. Voila! Your petals are clean and ready for countless wears. 


How do I store my Perkies Petals? 


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 How to wear your nipple petals is simple, but storing them is even easier! Petals come with a convenient travel case that allows you to pop them into your suitcase, purse, or even your back pocket. Wherever you go, your petals can travel with you. 


Where can I buy Perkies Petals? 

  • The Perkies Website 
  • Amazon 
  • A selection of boutiques on Long Island 


Perkies Petals are perfect for all your fashion needs. They give you the freedom to try out new styles without the worry of a fashion mishap. Not only are they reliable and high-quality, they are also, as we have demonstrated, really easy to wear. Invest in a pair of petals, your wardrobe will thank you! 


Perkies aims to help women embrace freedom in fashion and in life. That’s why Perkies created a line of undergarments where all the pieces are comfortable, durable, and sexy allowing women to experiment with their personal style without fear of wardrobe malfunctions.  


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