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How To Wash and Reuse a Reusable Adhesive Bra

Perkies is the proud developer of the first sticky bra that truly qualifies as a reusable adhesive bra. Other sticky bras lose their “stick” after only a few wears, meaning they hurt both the environment and your wallet—needing to buy a new sticky bra for every occasion generates lots of unnecessary waste. Unlike traditional sticky bras, the Perkies sticky bra has a removable and replaceable adhesive allowing for countless wears. 

How do you replace adhesive in a reusable adhesive bra? 

how to reuse a sticky bra

The Perkies sticky bra has two layers. After you’ve worn the sticky bra numerous times, you can peel off the top layer, revealing the sparkling clean sticky layer beneath it. The dual layer design allows you to easily wash your sticky bra to ensure that it stays totally hygienic. The adhesives are easy to replace with a new set, and sets of replacement adhesives can be purchased on the Perkies website.  

How do you wash a reusable adhesive bra?

If upon removing the adhesive from your bra, you notice that it might be time to wash the bra itself, you can easily wash the bra by hand. Put the bra in the lingerie bag, and let it soak in a bowl of warm water and laundry detergent. Once the bra is clean and rinsed, you can leave it out to air dry completely before applying a fresh adhesive to it. 

What makes the Perkies sticky bra the best adhesive bra? 

Perkies reusable adhesive bra

The Perkies sticky bra is the best adhesive bra on the market—not only is it hygienic and reusable because it is the first sticky bra on the market that uses the replacement business model, it’s also reliable and will stay in place no matter how wildly you’re spinning on the dance floor. 

What business model is the Perkies reusable adhesive bra similar to? 

You can think of the Perkies sticky bra like you would the replaceable razor blade business model. Instead of constantly buying packs of disposable razors, some razor brands allow people to buy razors, and then buy new razor blades as needed. Similarly, the Perkies sticky bra follows the same model—instead of constantly buying new sticky bras, you just purchase the replacement adhesives

What is the problem with traditional sticky bras? 

  • Their adhesive loses its sticky properties quickly 
  • They are unhygienic 
  • They are wasteful, and therefore bad for the environment
  • They are expensive to replace 

How does the Perkies reusable adhesive bra solve these problems? 

  • You can apply a fresh set of adhesives as needed 
  • It is easy to clean and totally hygienic 
  • It is a sustainable option 
  • It is more affordable than other sticky bras on the market

Ultimately, one of the best aspects of the Perkies sticky bra is that it is always clean. Instead of having to use a sticky bra with an old adhesive covered in hair, dust, and other debris, you can always apply a fresh adhesive to your Perkies sticky bra as needed. 

Perkies creates innovative undergarments designed to make all women look and feel their most beautiful, confident, and comfortable. Our signature product, the Perkies sticky bra, is the only sticky bra on the market with replaceable strapless bra adhesives. This makes it environmentally friendly, affordable, and practical. Perkies empowers women to embrace freedom in their style and in their lives. 


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