prom dress bras

Prom Dress Bras

It’s that time of year…prom season!

Between senior proms, junior proms, or just “the prom”, the time is here, and the pressure is on. The pressure to find a prom date, to find the dress, to look and feel your best, and one thing we find ourselves searching for is: “Prom dress bras”.

Almost always, prom dresses have some intricate cut. Whether it’s a backless style, an off the shoulder style, a halter neck, completely strapless, or a deep V, these dresses will require a specialty bra. 


Prom Dress Bras

To take the stress out of an already stressful occasion, we’ve given you some options for prom dress bras to wear with different styles of prom dresses:

1. The deep V dress bra option:

Depending on how much support you’d like to have, for a deep V dress, you can go with either nipple petals or a sticky bra. The great part about the Perkies Sticky Bra is that it has a clasp to connect the two bra cups. This clasp can be unhooked to still provide you with coverage and shape without the bra clasp showing between the deep v.


2. The backless dress bra option:

Coverage, shape, and support are musts, especially when it comes to prom. Backless dresses can make it difficult to find a bra, however the Perkies Sticky Bra can give you that shape and coverage without sacrificing how the dress looks. This is your no strap showing solution!


3. The strapless dress or one-shoulder dress bra option:

Similar to the backless dress option, the sticky bra is also great for a strapless dress. This undergarment will help with coverage and shape. Plus the bra can withstand a sweaty night of dancing due to the replacement adhesives this sticky bra offers. 


4. The silk dress bra option:

For silk dresses, we almost need a “barely there” option, on the top and the bottom. A sticky bra will typically work for a silk dress, but if you’re looking for an even more seamless option, Perkies Petals Nipple Covers will do the trick. These seamless, matte, reusable nipple covers blend perfectly into skin and they come in three shades of nude. This offers the perfect amount of coverage without ever showing through the most delicate silk dress. In addition to the Nipple Covers, Perkies Seamless Thongs are no-show underwear that also will go perfectly under a silk prom dress. 

    We hope these pointers can help steer you in the right direction for your prom dress bra options, and help you steer clear of a fashion faux pas! 

    Perkies sticky bra for prom dresses


    Perkies strives to empower women to feel like their most confident and beautiful selves in every facet of their lives, from proms to weddings. That is why Perkies creates innovative, functional, and durable undergarments to help women embrace freedom in fashion and in life. We provide confidence through comfort and reliability. 


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