Bras for Crop Tops

Bras for Crop Tops

With summer in full swing, it’s time to pull out your arsenal of favorite tops to dress for the warmer weather, but which bras for crop tops are the best option? It can be tricky to find bras that are both functional and stylish to wear under your crop tops. In addition to being shorter than a traditional shirt, some crop tops have additional design elements like an open back, deep V neckline, or strapless silhouette. These styles can be even trickier to find the perfect bra for crop tops. Luckily, Perkies has some options to help you rock your crop top and keep up with the latest summer trends. 


Bras for Crop Tops


As I said, crop tops are an especially trendy wardrobe item this summer—whether you’re wearing a crop top as part of a two piece set or you’ve paired it with a high-waisted skirt, short, or biker shorts—a crop top is a versatile piece in any wardrobe! 

black lace crop top - bras for crop tops

The most suitable bra for crop tops is a personal choice dependent on the level of coverage and support you are looking for in a bra. Perkies has two great options—Petals and the sticky bra. Perkies nipple petals are for those who are looking for a little bit of coverage and minimal support. Petals are made of reusable medical grade silicone adhesive—no more throwing nipple covers away after just a few wears. In fact, petals have an adhesive that regenerates when washed! Better yet, they’re waterproof, so they can even be worn under any bathing suits with a tendency to become sheer when they’re wet. Ultimately, Perkies Petals are best geared towards those with smaller chests or those who want the smoothing effect of a nipple cover, but generally like the braless feel.

nipple petals

If you have a larger chest or tend to seek out more support in your bras, then the Perkies sticky bra might be a better option for you in your search for the best bras for crop tops. Unlike other sticky bras on the market, the Perkies sticky bra has a reusable and replaceable silicone adhesive. Instead of throwing out your entire bra every time it begins to lose its stick, just order a new set of bra adhesives which are easily and readily insertable into the cups. In addition to having replaceable adhesive, the Perkies sticky bra’s adhesive is far stronger than other sticky bras on the market. If you’re wearing your sticky bra on an active day or to an event, you’ll never have to worry about it sliding off of you! 

stick on bra


Ultimately, which bra for crop tops is right for you is dependent on what features you seek out in a bra. If you’re looking for support and full coverage, than the Perkies sticky bra is best for you. On the other hand, if you like a less covered up feel with minimal support, then petals might be your best choice. Either way, Perkies is here to ensure that you have high quality undergarments to wear under all your crop tops this summer. 


At Perkies, we seek to support and empower women in fashion and in life. This mission is why Perkies creates durable, functional, and stylish undergarments to help women feel their most confident in every facet of their lives.


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