bra for low cut dresses

Bras for Low Cut Dresses

Low cut dresses and low cut in general is a hot trend these days. People have always said “less is more” but now that works in reference to clothing! Low cut dresses are everywhere these days. You can find celebs rocking them on the red carpet, you can spot them at formal events, even at weddings. Brides are even getting in on the deep V trend. More and more women are hopping on this trend and the question of choosing which bra for low cut dresses is often asked. Here at Perkies we have three distinct solutions for this problem.


Bras for Low Cut Dresses

Here are three options of bras for low cut dresses:


Nipple Covers


nipple petals

Check out our nipple covers, The Perkies Petals, for a reliable option for low cut dresses. Perkies nipple petals are perfect for low cut dresses because they leave your chest open for the deep V but provide enough modesty and confidence needed to rock such a dramatic cut! Petals come in three different colors, Perkie Peach (light nude), Half Past Nude (medium nude), and Taupe-less beach (dark nude). These colors are perfect for any shade of dress. These nipple covers are also washable and reusable, meaning you can rock that low cut dress over and over again. Not only are they reusable, they also come in a handy travel case that allow for quick and easy storage.  


Sticky Bra

sticky bra with center clasp - bras for low cut dresses

While normal sticky bras wouldn’t work with a low cut dress, our Perkies Sticky Bra comes with a clasp that you can unhook to prevent your bra from showing! With our sticky bras, we not only offer an unhookable clasp, but also patented replaceable adhesives. We’ve built a bra that’s guaranteed to last you through many deep V cut dresses. Perkies sticky bras offer comfortable, dependable support that will make your low cut dress a hit. 

Going Braless (with some extra help!)

nipple enhancers - Perkies Nips

Going braless in a low cut dress is what most people opt for when deciding what to wear under their dress. While here at Perkies we love freeing the nip, we’ve created a never seen before product to aid women who choose the braless route. With Perkies Nips the free the nip look has never been easier. This product has all the perks of the Perkies Petals. They come with a travel case and they are washable. However, they provide an extra added hack for the braless look. Perkies Nips are nipple enhancers that provide women with a consistent perky look.

Low cut dresses provide many different options for undergarments. Here at Perkies we strive to make women more comfortable in their bra or braless choices!

At Perkies, we want you to feel your most confident in every facet of fashion and life—that is why we design undergarments geared toward empowering women to feel like the best versions of themselves regardless of where life takes them.


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