invisible push up bra

Invisible Push Up Bra

With the current fashion trends, rarely do we find clothing that is suitable for wearing traditional bras. Furthermore, while backless and strapless bras are super prevalent on the market, rarely do we find backless and strapless bras that are functional and stay in-place. People are constantly on the hunt for durable and reliable backless and strapless bras. And they’re even harder pressed to find an invisible backless and strapless push-up bra that’ll give them a little extra lift—we can all use an invisible push up bra for that perk in our outfits! 


Invisible Push Up Bra


When on the hunt for the perfect invisible push-up bra, we have a few options. In this scenario, going braless isn’t a contender if you’re really looking for that extra bit of lift and cleavage afforded to you by a push up bra. While some women love to go braless, it isn’t the right solution if your objective is to look like you’re wearing a push-up bra. The next option is Perkies petals—now don’t get us wrong, petals are fantastic, but they offer coverage with no support. If you do decide that coverage is all you’re looking for, then petals could be the perfect option for you.


perkies petals. invisible push up bra


Nipple Petals

Petals are reusable nipple covers with reliable medical-grade adhesive that come in three shades of nude. Additionally, these nipple petals are matte meaning they won’t reflect the light in flash photography. Finally, if you’re really looking for that push-up bra lift, then the Perkies sticky bra is the perfect invisible push-up bra. The sticky bra is a balance between support, coverage, and lift! 


Sticky Bra

Now, let’s chat more about the perks of the Perkies sticky bra. The Perkies sticky bra uses reusable medical-grade adhesive meaning that it won’t lose its stick. Instead of buying a new sticky bra every time the adhesive wears out, you can just replace the adhesive and wear your Perkies sticky bra for years to come. This bra typically works best for cup sizes A through C, but depending on how creative you get with the positioning of the bra, it can even work for women with bigger busts. For women with D cups, we’ve heard that they like to position the Perkies sticky bra on their upper breasts leaving some “underboob,” but clasping together the top portion of their breasts to give them more cleavage and push-up! 

 Perkies sticky bra

If you’re looking for the lift of an invisible push up bra, but think that the Perkies sticky bra might be too much, then your last option is boob tape. Boob tape can be used to lift and keep your breasts in place under any outfit. It can be, however, a little bit tricky to get the hang of using! 

Finding the perfect invisible sticky bra can be tricky, but luckily Perkies has a wide array of options to give you that extra coverage and boost that you need. Even if you decide that you don’t want push-up bra cleavage after all, then there’s always petals or boob tape. 


At Perkies, we strive to help women embrace freedom in fashion and in life. That’s why we create durable, functional, and stylish undergarments to help women look and feel their most confident. 


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