fake nipples - why you might wear them

Why You Might Want Fake Nipples

If you’ve never heard of fake nipples or nipple enhancers before, then this post’s title might seem surprising. But have no fear, we’re here to walk you through what fake nipples are and how they can be integrated into your wardrobe. Perkies Nips are adhesive nipple enhancers that create the illusion of a consistently firm and perky look! Perkies Nips are the first of their kind and fit seamlessly into the recent resurgence of the “Free the Nipple” movement. They use the same reliable adhesive technology that we have developed in our sticky bras and nipple petals, meaning they won’t slide off and can be worn countless times. When they begin to lose their stick, simply wash them in warm soapy water, like you would your Perkies Petals, and their stick will be regenerated!


How Do I Wear Fake Nipples?


Perkies nips - fake nipples - nipple enhancers


Now, we’ve covered what Perkies Nips are and how to care for them, but why might you want to wear them? Here are a couple of reasons to wear fake nipples. For one, the braless look is incredibly on trend at the moment, but not everyone is entirely comfortable with how their nipples look without a bra—more specifically, if you’re looking for a little extra perk under that tight white tank top or silky slip dress, then Perkies Nips can help you create the appearance of more perky nipples. The second, and we’re hoping the far more impactful, reason to invest in a pair of Perkies Nips is pertinent to breast cancer survivors and other people who have undergone mastectomy surgeries. While some women are able to have mastectomy surgeries that spare their nipples, more often than not, the nipple is removed during mastectomy surgery. While subsequent reconstruction surgeries can help create a new nipple, Perkies hopes that Perkies Nips can help women who have undergone mastectomies have an extra dose of confidence. Like we so often say, our goal at Perkies is to help women be their most confident selves in every facet of their lives, so if we’re able to help breast cancer survivors feel slightly more confident with our fake nipples, then that’s a huge win! 


Are Perkies Fake Nipples Waterproof? 

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And to top it all off, just like Perkies Petals, Perkies Nips are waterproof meaning they can be worn under swimsuits. Hello summer! And matte, so they won’t reflect the light in any of your flash photographs. Snap away!


In summation, if you want to dip your toe into the “Free the Nipple” trend or if you hope to enhance the look of your nipples after a surgery, then Perkies Nips could be just what you didn’t know you needed! 


Perkies creates innovative and durable undergarments to help women be the best versions of themselves in every aspect of their lives. Our mission is to help women find the right undergarments for their bodies, so that they can feel their most confident! 


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