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Different Types of Bras and How to Choose Between Them

The undergarment industry has exploded in recent years with a wide range of bra styles for all body types and occasions—today, there seem to be endless different types of bras to choose from. Not to mention, all the excellent bra alternatives out there for when you don’t want to wear a traditional bra. Perkies identifies three different categories of bra type—the classic styles, the casual styles, and the specialty bras for special occasions. A little confused about what bra style is best-suited to your needs? Luckily, we’re here to walk you through all your options. 


Different Types of Bras and How to Choose Between Them 

T-shirt Bras, Balconette Bras & Push-up Bras

If you feel like you might be in the market for a more traditional style, then your best options are a t-shirt bra, a balconette bra, or a push-up bra. T-shirt bras are great for everyday wear—they have fuller coverage, and they smooth your breasts meaning they’ll look great underneath any shirt. T-shirt bras are the perfect base layer for everyday wear. Balconette bras, on the other hand, offer less coverage than t-shirt bras. They have lower cups, and the entire bra has a more horizontal orientation. Finally, the push-up bra—every girl’s best friend—can create lift and cleavage where there isn’t much to work with and can enhance cleavage where there is. Push-up bras are fabulous for when you want an extra boost of oomph. 


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Sports Bras and Bralettes

If you’re not one for traditional bras, then a sports bra or bralette might be the perfect option for you. Some people just don’t like the feeling of underwire and molded cups largely inherent in traditional bras. We get it—underwire can really poke and prod in all the wrong places. Sports bras are fantastic for anyone regardless of whether or not you’re living an active lifestyle. They are often more high support than other bras, keeping the girls exactly where you want them to be. Unlike sports bras, bralettes have far less support and are great for lounging around or for people who don’t feel like they need much support. Better yet, bralettes are often made out of vibrant fabrics or dainty lace. Sports bras and bralettes are higher support and lower support, respectively, making them excellent bra alternatives to the more traditional styles we’ve discussed! 


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Specialty Bras

Now, onto our favorite category here at Perkies—yes, we might be a little biased, but we’ll still give you the best advice—speciality bras. If you really don’t want to wear anything resembling a traditional bra, but aren’t quite sure that you’re ready to free the nip, then Perkies’ line might be exactly what you are looking for. Yes, there are strapless bras and plunge bras available at many retailers, but strapless bras have a tendency to slide off your breasts. We’ve all been there—you’re dancing just a little too hard, and all of a sudden, your bra is around your waist. It’s not the most pleasant of feelings. Luckily, Perkies has a solution—our nipple petals and backless strapless sticky bras. First, Perkies petals use a medical grade adhesive that can be regenerated through washing them. Petals have a strong adhesive, but they’re pain-free to remove. Even better, they’re matte and come in three shades of nude, so they won’t reflect the light in flash photography. If you’re in the market for a bit more coverage and support than you can get through nipple covers, then the Perkies sticky bra might be the perfect option for you. The Perkies sticky bra has a reusable and replaceable adhesive that means you can wear the bra countless times without ever worrying about buying a new one making our sticky bra better for the environment and your wallet. 


We hope that we’ve been able to successfully walk you through all the different types of bras on the market from classic bras to the perfect bra alternatives for special occasions. When a traditional bra just isn’t suitable for your needs, Perkies petals and sticky bras have got you covered regardless of the occasion! 



Perkies makes innovative undergarments for the stylish, adventurous, and outspoken woman. At Perkies, we want to help women embrace freedom and confidence in every facet of fashion and life.


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