what color bra to wear with see-through shirt

What Color Bra To Wear With A See-Through Shirt

Finding the right bra for any outfit is already incredibly difficult, but the task becomes even more daunting when the shirt you want to wear is see through. Within the category of see-through shirts, two main subsections jump out, the basic see-through white tee and a purposefully see through top. 


What Color Bra To Wear With A See-Through Shirt

What To Wear Under A White Shirt

white shirt

With see-through white shirts it's best to stick with the classic rule that you learned when you were younger, wear a bra that matches your skin tone. Some people believe the classic misconception that with a white shirt, you should wear a white bra. This combo unfortunately does not work and ends up completely showing the bra through the see-through white shirt.

For a see-through white shirt, here at Perkies, we recommend our Sticky Bra!

Since white t-shirts are such a staple, here at Perkies with our patent pending replaceable adhesive, we’ve built a bra that’s guaranteed to last you through all those wears. Perkie sticky bras offer comfortable, dependable support that will make your see-through shirt a hit. Perkies sticky bras are also a top tier choice for white see-through shirts because they come in a shade range of three colors: Perkie Peach (light nude), Half Past Nude (medium nude), and Taupe-less Beach (dark nude). 

sticky bra in three colors


What To Wear With A See-Through Top

mesh shirt - what color bra to wear with see-through shirt

For purposefully see-through tops, the options for what to wear underneath increase. With purposefully see-through tops like mesh, lace, fishnet, or sheer you can get a little more playful. While the Perkies Sticky Bra is still an optimal choice for the same reasons stated above, see-through tops allow for more fun options like the Perkies Nipple Petals or even Perkies Nips - nipple enhancers for a consistent perky look.

Perkies Petals let you play on the see-through shirt trend without compromising your modesty! Perkies petals, like our sticky bras, come in three shades: Perkie Peach (light nude), Half Past Nude (darker nude), and Taupe-less Beach (dark nude). These colors can be used to determine how you want to rock your see-through shirt. If you don't want to have your Perkies Petals show through your see through shirt, a color close to your skin tone is desirable. However, if you want to make a statement you could rock a color opposite to your see-through shirt and make a show of your bra!

nipple petals in three skin tones

So, what color bra should you wear with a see-through shirt? Overall, the right color to wear with a see-through shirt really depends on which look you are going for. Here at Perkies we have the neutral colors to help you rock a see-through shirt! 


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