most comfortable underwear for women

Most Comfortable Underwear for Women

What’s one thing you can’t get dressed without? Underwear! While some people might be brave enough to go commando, most people generally can’t get dressed without it. Here at Perkies, whenever we’re packing for a trip or long weekend, we tend to pack way more underwear than needed, and we know you do too. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. If underwear is truly such a staple, then what is the most comfortable underwear for women? We could focus on all the different styles and fabrics of underwear, but instead, today we’re focusing on good ol’ fashioned comfort. 


Most Comfortable Underwear for Women

When embarking on the search for the most comfortable underwear for women, there are three main categories of underwear to choose from—full coverage, partial coverage, and thongs. Bikini underwear and briefs or boyshorts generally fall into the category of full-covered underwear—full coverage underwear, affectionately known as granny pants, is great when your outfit is made out of a fabric that is irritating to the skin in skin-to-skin contact. Next, partial coverage underwear is generally cheekies. Cheekies offer more coverage than thongs and less coverage than fuller coverage underwear, and they’re fantastic to workout in because they don’t ride up under your bottoms. Cheekies won’t show through biker shorts, so they’re great for running or exercising on spinning bikes—thongs are less comfortable for workouts because they are prone to riding up. Finally, thongs aren’t always for everyone because people find that traditional thongs are often made out of fabric that causes discomfort. Our thongs are different, but you’ll just have to wait to see to find out why until we consider the three most popular fabrics for underwear.

underwear. Most comfortable underwear for women


Consider the Fabric

Next in figuring out the most comfortable underwear for women is considering the fabric the underwear is made out of. Generally, underwear is constructed from cotton, lace, or a combination of nylon and spandex. Cotton underwear is generally functional and breathable, but it is often bulky and shows through clothing leading to unattractive panty lines. Lace underwear, on the other hand, can be scratchy and irritating to sensitive skin. Perkies panties are made out of a mix of spandex and nylon with an 100% cotton lining. They are buttery soft and seamless making them the most comfortable underwear for women free from itchy seams, unseemly lines, or irritating fabric. Most importantly, the 100% cotton lining ensures that the panties are hygienic and breathable. 






Perkies panties come in two styles—cheekies and a seamless thong. The thong is available in five colorways and the cheekies are available in light nude and black. Perkies panties' array of styles and colors coupled with its soft and functional material makes these panties a closet staple for the woman on-the-go looking for style, functionality, and comfort. 


Perkies makes durable, stylish, and functional undergarments for active and joyful women. Perkies strives to help women embrace freedom in fashion and in life whether that’s through designing effective sticky bras to wear with the latest backless dress or through developing the ideal comfortable underwear for daily wear. 


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