The Most Comfortable Thong

The Most Comfortable Thong

 The thong is often perceived as the sexiest of underwear silhouettes alluding to its’ funny history. According to Parade, another great undergarments brand, the thong was popularized in the 1970s by Austrian-American designer Rudolf Gernreich. In 1974, the California State Legislature was considering legislation to outlaw nude sunbathing; in response, Gernreich devised a clever way around the potential ban—the thong bikini bottom—not technically nude, but not exactly a garment that would inhibit the development of a killer tan. While the thong silhouette has been around for centuries, it wasn’t until Gernreich’s thong bikini bottoms, that the thing was popularized in the undergarment sphere. Over the next thirty years, thongs became increasingly popular—becoming cemented in the mainstream fashion scene in 1995 after Victoria Secret’s first ever runway show. Today, thongs are sold by virtually every undergarment retailer, but in a market inundated by excellent thong styles, how is one supposed to choose the most comfortable thong? Luckily, we’re here to help. 


What Makes Thongs Uncomfortable?

Thongs can be notoriously uncomfortable. If they’re not the right size, they can lead to wedgies of epic proportions. If they have too many lacy details, they might be itchy and irritate your skin. If they are brightly colored or have loud patterns, they might show through your clothing. The list goes on and on. At Perkies, our vision for the most comfortable thong is one that is seamless and buttery-soft. If this sounds like your ideal thong, then it might behoove you to continue reading. 


The Most Comfortable Thong 

Perkies seamless thong

At last! We’ve arrived at the most comfortable thong—the Perkies seamless thong—a design that we believe would make Gernreich proud so many years later. The Perkies thong is both comfortable and breathable with an 100% cotton lining that is far more hygienic than synthetic varieties. In addition to being breathable, Perkies thongs won’t show through any of your clothing with their smooth, laser-cut edges. And best of all, Perkies thongs are size and color inclusive—they come in a range of sizes and five colors including two shades of nude making them suitable for an array of body types. If you’re looking for the most comfortable thong, then look no further than Perkies! And if you’re not quite sure you’re comfortable with the thong silhouette, there’s always the fuller-coverage cheeky silhouette. 


Perkies creates functional and comfortable undergarments. Pair your thong with a Perkies sticky bra to wear versatile clothing options.


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