no show panties

No Show Panties

Pantylines are the bane of everyone’s existence—there is nothing like putting on an outfit you’re feeling absolutely incredible in and turning around to see that your outfit is ruined by prominent panty lines. One solution to this woe is going commando, but not everyone feels comfortable donning an outfit without underwear. There are other alternatives to going commando like wearing a thong or even a g-string, but there are many types of outfits that even traditional thongs might show through. Certain fabrics that are silk or sheer are especially prone to pantylines—that’s why no show panties to solve an outfit dilemma are a wardrobe essential. Luckily, Perkies has multiple styles of no-show panties that are comfortable, durable, and breathable—they won’t show through any of your most daring outfits. Wearing seamless underwear also avoids any of the discomforts associated with going commando. 


no show panties - Perkies seamless underwear in white

No Show Panties

Perkies panties come in two styles—a mid-rise seamless thong and high-rise cheekies—making them the staple no show panties to solve any outfit dilemma. The mid-rise thong is great for those who prefer a thong style and are looking for less coverage than the cheeky offers. The cheekies, on the otherhand, are high-waisted, so they’re great under high-waisted pants and skirts. Avoiding the slippage that can occur when you’re not wearing high-waisted underwear under high-waisted bottoms. The thongs come in five different colorways, while the cheekies are currently available in two—black and light nude. Both styles of Perkies panties thrive to be size-inclusive with a broad array of sizes intended to fit a wide range of body-types. Above all, Perkies panties are made out of a stretchy and breathable combination of spandex and nylon with a gusset, or cotten liner, made out of 100% cotton. While this is a less glamorous facet of why Perkies panties are the perfect no show panties to solve any outfit dilemma, the Perkies cotton gusset makes things more hygienic, and cuts down the risk of uncomfortable infections by making your panties more breathable. 


seamless thong - no show panties


Outfit Inspiration

Serena Kerrigan

If you need outfit inspiration for how to rock your Perkies seamless panties, checkout Serena Kerrigan in her sheer sparkly number—the underwear and Perkies Petals she is wearing don’t show through her dress with the no-show style blending in perfectly to the fabric. If she were wearing lace undergarments, her outfit just wouldn’t look right. The seamless underwear and Petals allow you to feel comfortable and confident in knowing that you have coverage while simultaneously getting to take a fashion risk. Her no show panties really solve the outfit dilemmas that could have arisen from sporting a sheer dress. 


Perkies strives to empower women to feel like their most confident and beautiful selves in every facet of their lives. That is why Perkies creates innovative, functional, and durable undergarments to help women embrace freedom in fashion and in life. 


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