Undergarments for ladies tips

Undergarments for Ladies Tips

People love to give unsolicited advice, and here at Perkies, we’re no different—we have undergarments for ladies tips that rely on four staple Perkies products that will protect you from any possible fashion mishaps! Our goal at Perkies is to ensure that you can test out daring outfits or wear whatever makes you feel most confident with ease and grace. Introducing Perkies' undergarments for ladies tips. 

Here are the four wardrobe staples you’ll need and why… 

Undergarments for Ladies Tips



perkies petals. Undergarments for ladies tips



Nipple Covers

Perkies petals are the ultimate nipple covers for when you’re wearing a top where you’re looking for some coverage, but not too much; petals are the perfect in between for going braless and wearing a sticky bra. These reusable matte nipple covers are a true fashion staple. Not only do they prevent your nipples from showing through clothing, they are also matte, flexible, and seamlessly blend into your skin (they come in three shades of nude!). And Perkies petals don’t stop at clothing—they are also waterproof, so they’re perfect under un-padded swimsuits. Even better, they’re washable and come with a compact travel case that makes them easy to slip into your purse, backpack, or pocket for life on the go!


Sticky Bras

If you want more coverage than nipple covers, but don’t want to commit to wearing a traditional bra, then the Perkies sticky bra is the perfect option for you! It is the only sticky bra on the market that offers replacement strapless bra adhesives—it has two sets of layered adhesives (medical grade, of course!) inside each cup. With removable and replaceable adhesives, the sticky bra can be washed and you can order new adhesives as needed. Say goodbye to the days of throwing out your sticky bras after a couple of wears, Perkies gives you value for life. Not to mention that Perkies sticky bras are more hygienic, stickier, and vastly more affordable than traditional sticky bras. 


Seamless Undies


women wearing Perkies cheekies



Underwear is a piece of clothing that we wear daily, but it’s hard to find a pair of underwear that is comfortable, breathable, and stylish. Perkies panties check all those boxes and more. Not only are Perkies panties comfortable and breathable, they also are no-show with their seamless design and buttery soft texture. They come in two styles—mid-rise seamless thongs and high-rise cheekies. Perkies thongs are available in five colors including: white, black, light nude, dark nude, and baby blue. Ditch the itchy lace and purchase a pair of Perkies no-show panties. You’ll thank us later. 


 Double-Sided Fashion Tape 


Double-Sided fashion tape is an easy way to avoid fashion faux-pas. Unfortunately, most fashion tape on the market uses low quality adhesive that won’t properly adhere to your skin and fabric, allowing your clothing to fall out of place. Our ultimate fashion tip for women is to invest in high quality fashion tape. Luckily, Perkies fashion tape uses reliable medical grade adhesive that will keep your clothing exactly where you want it. Plunging deep-V necklines? Dresses or skirts with high slits? Over the knee boots threatening to slip down your legs? Not to worry, Perkies fashion tape will keep all those looks in place. In addition to employing strong adhesive, Perkies fashion tape is also easy to use as 16 pre-cut skin-friendly strips are included per pack. 

If Perkies were to boil down its four undergarments for women tips into one, it would be to purchase an array of Perkies products, so that you never have to worry about wardrobe malfunctions again. With an arsenal of Perkies panties, sticky bras, petals, and fashion tape on your side, gone are the days of worrying about underwear lines, a nip slip, or fabric falling out of place. We’ve got all the wardrobe solutions you could possibly need!


Perkies creates innovative and durable undergarments for joyful and adventurous women. Our line of products from Perkies Panties to the Perkies sticky bra empowers women everywhere to feel their most confident and to embrace freedom in fashion and in life. 


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