cheekies vs hipsters

Cheekies vs. Hipsters

The world of underwear can be overwhelming—we know that this might seem like a silly statement, but there’s so many options out there. It can be difficult to decide exactly what style of underwear is best for you. First of all, there are different styles of underwear for different events—lingerie, athletic underwear, and everyday underwear. Then, there’s different fabrics and silhouettes to choose from, and it can be tricky to find what’s right for you. In recent years, both cheekies and hipsters have become popular styles of underwear for everyday wear. But what is the difference between the two, and is one style superior to the other? Let’s examine the cheekies vs. hipsters debate. 

Cheekies vs. Hipsters

Cheekies and hipsters both tend to fall into a category of underwear affectionately known as Granny Panties—this category of underwear tends to offer fuller coverage styles than other categories of underwear. Cheekies and hipsters both offer more coverage than a thong, for example. Cheekies and hipsters tend to look similar from the front, but the cheekies vs. hipsters difference begins in the back of the underwear. Cheekies are aptly named because they are more revealing than hipsters—hipsters are full coverage underwear… they just aren’t cheeky ;) Hipsters tend to stay in place better than cheekies which are often prone to wedgies. Furthermore, some say that hipsters have more visible panty lines than cheekies, but panty lines can be reduced by paying attention to the type of material the underwear is made out of. 

Ultimately, the cheekies vs. hipsters debate seems to rest on one key detail—the level of coverage the underwear offers. If you’re not looking for an entirely full coverage pair of underwear, then cheekies are likely the right choice for you. 


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At Perkies, we have two styles of underwear—seamless thongs and cheekies panties. Our cheekies come in two colorways—light nude and black. Our thongs are available in five colorways—hydrangea, sand, hazelnut, midnight, and coconut. All of our underwear is made out of a blend of spandex & nylon that is seamless and buttery soft. Furthermore, our underwear has an 100% cotton lining making all of our underwear breathable and hygenic. Better yet, the underwear’s laser cut edges mean that they are completely invisible underneath clothing—kiss panty lines goodbye! 

If cheekies come out on top for you in the cheekies vs. hipsters debate, then Perkies has got you covered. Our cheekies and thongs are great for everyday wear as they’re comfortable, durable, and breathable! 


Perkies creates reliable and functional undergarments for women to help them embrace freedom in fashion and in life. Our goal is to make women feel confident in everything that they do, and sometimes that confidence starts with the perfect undergarments. 


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