panties style guide

Panties Style Guide

Recently, we learned that “VPL” stands for Visible Panty Lines—and we think that we can all agree that Visible Panty Lines are a fashion faux-pas that we’re all desperately trying to avoid. Panty lines can completely destroy an otherwise elegant, or even a casual outfit like those leggings you wear to the gym. No one wants to feel like people can see their underwear, so we’re here with the perfect panties style guide to help you figure out what panties to wear under everything from a formal dress to what to wear under leggings. 


Panties Style Guide 

Go Seamless

At Perkies, we’re convinced that seamless underwear is always your best bet. Our seamless underwear is silky smooth and comes in two styles that allow it to be a wardrobe staple. So, you could say that the first tip in our Panties Style Guide is simple—go seamless! Seamless underwear are invisible under any fabric regardless of its color or opacity. A little perk, Perkies seamless underwear has a 100% cotton lining that is breathable and helps your panties remain hygienic. 


seamless thongs



Color Matters

Another question we’d love to ponder in this style guide is one that has stood the test of time: What color panties do you wear under a white dress—white or nude? Perkies Founder, Rosie, suggests that in her experience nude underwear is best suited to go under a white dress! Perkies seamless thongs are mid-rise and come in two shades of nude as well as white, black, and light blue. The cheekies are high-rise and come in one shade of nude and black. 

These two options help ensure that everyone has access to the style of underwear that they feel best in—cheekies and thongs are also best suited to different occasions. Cheekies are great when you’re working out because they’re high-waisted, and they don’t ride up under biker shorts or leggings while still serving as a soft barrier. Thongs are great for everyday wear or for moments when you want less coverage. Ultimately, the key to ensuring that you don’t suffer from VPL is to follow the golden rule of our Panties Style Guide—go seamless—whether you’re deciding what to wear under leggings or a cocktail dress! 



And our ultimate style guide tip is to get yourself a pair of Perkies panties—we know you won’t regret it: 


Perkies makes innovative and durable undergarments for the bold, confident, and stylish woman. At Perkies, our mission is to help support women in all their endeavors from fashion to work to life—that’s why we make undergarments that can help women feel their most fabulous on every step toward achieving their goals. 


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