Best Seamless Underwear

Best Seamless Underwear

What’s your biggest fashion pet peeve? Well, if your underwear showing through your bottoms is one of them, then you’ve come to the right place. Nothing can ruin an outfit like visible underwear lines can. Luckily, Perkies has the best seamless underwear in two styles, meaning whether you prefer thongs or cheekies, you’ll never have to worry about underwear lines again. 


What is the best seamless underwear?  


Perkies panties are no show seamless underwear meaning they will be totally invisible under your clothing. Furthermore, not only are Perkies panties comfortable, they are incredibly stylish. Perkies has something for everyone. If you’re not a fan of thongs, Perkies panties also come in cheekies which offer more coverage as they are high waisted.


What makes Perkies panties the best seamless underwear? 


People can’t help but rave about how soft Perkies seamless panties are, and we agree with them. Perkies panties are buttery soft—people even go so far as declaring that Perkies panties are the “softest underwear” they have ever worn. 


What style should you choose? 

Perkies seamless underwear


In addition to coming in two cuts, Perkies panties are available in five colorways and size small through extra-large. Perkies strives to be inclusive in every facet of our sizing and styles. Currently, the seamless thongs are available in all five colors, and the cheekies are available in black and one shade of nude. As Perkies expands, we intend on expanding the range of shades the cheekies are available in. The five colorways the thongs are available in include two shades of nude, white, black, and light blue are all colorways that were voted on by @myperkies Instagram followers—Perkies loves to take our customers’ wishes into consideration during product development! 


Are Perkies panties really functional? 


perkies cheekies. best seamless underwear

Part of what makes Perkies panties the best seamless underwear is their functionality and high quality design. Both Perkies cheekies and thongs have a cotton base, known as a “gusset,” that sits at the crotch of the underwear. The gusset allows for the panties to be breathable, moisture-wicking, and reinforced. Constructing the gusset out of a natural fabric, cotton, ensures that the panties are breathable and durable. 


We know you can’t live without a pair of Perkies panties


If you’re tired of having your underwear show through your clothing, it’s time to invest in a pair of affordable, durable, and cute Perkies seamless panties. Trust us, you won’t regret it! 


At Perkies, our goal is to ensure that people feel confident in their undergarments. We believe that confidence and beauty begins beneath the surface, and that is why we create the most stylish and functional undergarments, so that our customers look and feel their best. 

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