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Stickie Masks, the Stick On Masks that Keep Glasses From Fogging

Now that the world is beginning to return to normal, or what will be the “new normal,” people might be willing to start traveling around the country and the world to visit family and loved ones they were separated from for the duration of the pandemic. With the passage of Thanksgiving marking the beginning of this holiday season, people have travel plans for this winter in the books. This isn’t to say that the pandemic is over; in fact, it is difficult to envision a world wherein mask wearing is not the norm—luckily, Perkies has the perfect product for all your mask wearing needs, especially while traveling. We present to you...Stickie Masks! The perfect fog-free solution; an anti fog mask. Through the means of a medical grade adhesive, this stick on mask solves all your eyewear fogging issues! 


The Inspiration Behind This Stick On Mask

After working for almost three years with adhesives in pursuit of creating a better sticky bra, Perkies, Rosie applied her knowledge and experience to masks. Her mother, Carolyn, walked into her office (her brother's bedroom) after noticing a newscaster wearing a Band-Aid over the bridge of his nose to prevent his glasses from fogging while wearing a mask. She asked Rosie if one of her medical grade adhesives could serve a similar purpose. After extensive prototyping and testing, Stickie Masks™ was created, patent pending, and launched in a couple short months!


What is a “Stickie Mask?”

stickie masks


Stickie Masks are 3-Ply (triple layered) disposable masks with Perkies’ famous peel-off adhesive. Face Masks for Glasses Wearers are difficult to find and this is why the Stickie Mask was created. This non-woven face mask is lightweight and breathable with adjustable ear-loops with staple free straps that secure the mask. A mask wearer can adhere the adhesive to the top of his or her nose to keep the stick on mask in place and prevent one’s breath from creating fog inside eyewear. Like all Perkies adhesives, the “stick” in the Stickie Masks is medical-grade silicone that safely adheres to skin. It also is resealable - after a quick maskless moment, you can re-adhere this Stickie Mask. Additionally, the adhesive is easy and painfree to remove when it is time to take your mask off! There is no sticky residue left behind on your nose. As mentioned, this is a skin-friendly, medical grade adhesive. This adhesive easily conforms to the face with a gentle removal and passes biocompatibility test ISO-10993: "Biological Evaluation of Medical Devices."


Best Times to Wear a Stickie Mask

These face masks for glasses wearers are great, but they also can serve other purposes and be a mask for the masses. Some other times to wear Stickie Masks include: 


  • While wearing eyeglasses: Fog-free solution
  • While wearing sunglasses: Fog-free solution
  • While traveling: A safer solution as these masks create a strong seal
  • While getting your hair done or a facial: You can remove the ear loops and the mask stays intact 
  • While wearing hearing aids: You can remove the ear loops so they won’t get tangled in your hearing aids



stick on mask benefits


Even if the need to wear masks to protect oneself from COVID-19 abates, people can wear Stickie Masks to safeguard themselves, and others, against the flu and other illnesses as well as seasonal allergies! But for the moment, to stay safe and healthy, make sure to stock up on Perkies masks before you travel this holiday season. And just imagine how much more enjoyable your flight will be if you can read and watch movies without your breath fogging up your glasses. 


About Perkies

Perkies creates innovative and functional undergarments designed for adventurous, joyful women. Our signature product, the Perkies sticky bra, is the only sticky bra offering replaceable adhesives. Comfortable, flattering, clean, and most importantly, reliable. Overtime, Perkies has expanded its product line through the utilization of the Perkies medical grade adhesive. Perkies empowers women everywhere to embrace freedom in fashion and in life. Perkies has you covered from your nose to your toes.


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