What To Wear Under See Through Maxi Dress

What To Wear Under See Through Maxi Dress

With summer ending and fall approaching, maxi dresses are a popular option. Being one of the most versatile items of clothing, the right choice for undergarments is an important choice for such a staple piece. Maxi dresses can be dressed up for a wedding guest with heels and the right accessories or dressed down with a cute pair of sneakers and a trendy denim jacket. One of the biggest subsections of maxi dresses is the see through style. See through dresses can range from just the bottom half being sheer to the whole dress being see through! Check out the following staple products to help figure out what to wear under a see through maxi dress:


What To Wear Under See Through Maxi Dress


1. Sticky Bra

Sticky bras are going to be your best friend when rocking any type of maxi dress, but especially if you’re trying out a completely see through maxi dress. Perkies has a sticky bra that's reliable, comfortable, and, most importantly, versatile. With a double layer of replaceable adhesives, this bra is going to last you many days and many nights! Perkies have three staple colors to choose from. If you are going to rock a whole sheer look, then you might want to stick to the true nude for your skin tone, but if you want to make a statement, we have a black shade to truly draw attention to the sheerness of your dress! 

2. Seamless Underwear 

Like bras, when pairing underwear with see through dresses, you have to be deliberate in your choices. Whether you're deciding if you want to make a statement or let the dress do the talking, seamless is a must when styling any maxi dress, regardless if it's see through or not. Seamless panties offer a comfortable, breathable, and smooth look. No one wants underwear lines when they’re wearing a nice maxi dress! Perkies underwear comes in either a seamless thong style or a cheeky high rise style, and both can be worn under a see through maxi dress due to their seamless fit. Choosing a nude shade will keep your outfit chic.

At Perkies, we want you to feel your most confident in every facet of fashion and life—that is why we design undergarments geared toward empowering women to feel like the best versions of themselves regardless of where life takes them.

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