One Year Anniversary of Selling Perkies Petals (Reusable Nipple Covers)

One Year Anniversary of Selling Perkies Petals (Reusable Nipple Covers)

Perkies Petals’ Inspiration

This week marks a momentous occasion for Perkies—it is the one year anniversary of the launch of Perkies’ first product on our website, Perkies Petals! Perkies Petals are reusable, matte, nipple covers, also known as nipple petals. Initially, Rosie’s vision for her first product launch was the Perkies sticky bra, but after diligently working to develop the best sticky bra on the market, Rosie knew that she would not be ready to release the sticky bra before the Spring of 2021. 

An idea dawned on Rosie—instead of merely designing a fantastic sticky bra, she could also work on developing reusable nipple covers. She was inspired by a friend who brought nipple covers on a weekend trip to Jamestown, Rhode Island. Rosie’s friend suffered through the trials and tribulations of unsatisfactory nipple covers all weekend; Rosie knew through her experience designing an ideal reusable sticky bra that she held the key to creating far superior nipple covers. Through not only the experiences of her friends, but also through her research on the sticky bra market, Rosie knew that a large portion of her target demographic for sticky bras also wears nipple covers.


Perkies Petals were born.

Now to the nitty gritty, what makes Perkies Petals special? I’m glad you asked. They are reusable matte nipple covers. Yes, they are reusable—they won’t lose their “stick” after one or two wears. Even better, they are super hygienic and can be washed after they are worn to regenerate their “stick.” Best of all, in our effort to be inclusive of an array of skin tones, they come in three shades of “nude.” Shortly after the launch of Perkies Petals, Liz Lange, Rosie’s investor and founder of Liz Lange Maternity, suggested that Perkies Petals come with travel cases to keep them safe on whatever fun trips they tag along for!

Where can you buy Perkies Petals?

  • Our website
  • Amazon: This spring, Perkies Petals were introduced to Amazon—over 200 units have been sold to date. On Amazon, Perkies Petals are prime eligible, and they are currently sold in the US, Canada, and Mexico. If you purchase a set of Perkies Petals, please leave a review! We know your reviews will be glowing! How couldn’t they be? ;) 
  • Boutique stores in the Hamptons, including Nibi, OneMain & RelaxHampton as well as Boutique stores in Locust Valley, including Tessa Reed & Interstyle: This summer, Perkies Petals were sold at over fifteen retail stores including several shops in the Hamptons demonstrating just how essential they are to any summer wardrobe. Break out the strappy tops and backless dresses! We’ve got you covered.
With the holiday season right around the corner, consider grabbing a set of Perkies Petals for a friend or loved one. They make an excellent stocking stuffer, secret Santa present, or goodie bag treat for bachelorette and bridal parties.


About Perkies:

Perkies creates innovative and functional undergarments designed for adventurous, joyful women. Our signature product, the Perkies sticky bra, is the only sticky bra offering replaceable adhesives. Comfortable, flattering, clean, and most importantly, reliable, Perkies is the future of sticky bras. Perkies empowers women everywhere to embrace freedom in fashion and in life. Bring on the backless frocks, sheer paneled shirts, and off-the-shoulder tops! You can dance, jump, and play - Perkies has you covered. This is Perkies, the sticky bra with perks.


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