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Answering Your Frequently Asked Questions About Reusable Nipple Covers

Perkies nipple petals


Are you looking for the perfect in-between for wearing a sticky bra and going braless? If so, then you’ve probably had your fair share of encounters with reusable nipple covers. If traditional nipple covers quickly lost their sticky properties or led to painful removal, then leave the trials and tribulations associated with other nipple covers in the past, and switch to Perkies reusable nipple covers—Perkies petals.


Reusable Nipple Covers FAQs

Unlike other reusable nipple covers, Perkies petals are easy to wear and won’t lose their “stick.” Furthermore, Perkies petals are great for any size whether your breasts are too big for traditional sticky bras or you’re a member of the itty-bitty-titty committee. In addition to petals’ size inclusivity, they are also subtle matte, meaning they won’t reflect the light in flash photography. They're also easy to pack.

Here we will answer your frequently asked questions about reusable nipple covers. 


Where to buy reusable nipple covers?


If Perkies petals sound irresistible, and we know they do, then you can get your hands on a pair through a variety of retailers including, Amazon, our website, and a smattering of boutique stores on Long Island, including the Nibi stores in the Hamptons, and Interstyle and Tessa Reed in Locust Valley.


How to wash reusable nipple covers?


Perkies nipple petals are much easier to wash than other reusable nipple covers. To start, you hold the petal with the adhesive side up under warm running water. Then, use soap or another mild cleanser on the interior of your petals, cleaning off any oil, dirt, and debris from your petals by gingerly massaging them with your fingers. This cleaning method not only keeps your petals squeaky clean, but also ensures that they are at their optimal adhesion level. 


What colors are petals available in? 


colors of perkies petals- reusable nipple covers


Other brands only offer their reusable nipple covers in one shade of nude, but in an effort to be as inclusive of as many skin tones as possible, Perkies petals come in three shades of nude—light nude (Perkie Peach), medium nude (Half Past Nude), and dark nude (Taupe-Less Beach). 


How do I pack my petals? 


When you’re not wearing your petals, use the thin clear plastic liners to cover your petals’ adhesives. Then, place the petals in their travel case and toss them into your suitcase, carry-on bag, or purse. If all else fails, the travel case is even compact enough to fit inside your pocket! 


Three Steps to Wearing Your Petals: 


Perkies petals

  • Remove the layer of plastic film covering the adhesive 
  • Place the petals over your nipples 
  • Smooth the edges of the petals 

If you don’t want to wear a sticky bra, but aren’t ready to commit to going completely braless, then Perkies petals are the perfect reusable nipple covers for you. Not only are petals higher quality than other nipple covers on the market, they are also inclusive of a broader range of skin tones, easy to clean, and super portable for those on the go!  


Perkies creates undergarments for adventurous and joyful women. Our goal is to help women feel their most confident and comfortable in every aspect of their lives. That is why we create high quality and stylish undergarments that help women do just that!


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