The Ultimate Guide: Bras you need for college

The Ultimate Guide: Bras you need for college

As the back-to-school season approaches, it's not just about stocking up on textbooks and notebooks – updating your wardrobe is also an essential part of the preparation. A well-fitting, comfortable, and stylish bra can boost your confidence and make you feel ready to take on a new academic year. Whether you're looking for everyday comfort, athletic support, or a touch of glamour, we've rounded up the best bras to consider bringing back to school.

  1. T-Shirt Bras for All-Day Comfort:

T-Shirt bras are the unsung heroes of every student's wardrobe. With seamless designs and smooth cups, these bras are perfect for wearing under your favorite tees, blouses, or dresses. Brands like Victoria's Secret, Calvin Klein, and ThirdLove offer a range of options that provide great support and a natural shape.

  1. Strapless and Backless Bras AKA Sticky Bras

For occasions when you want to show off your shoulders or back, sticky bras are a must! Designed to stay in place without straps, these bras provide support while allowing you to wear sleeveless, off-shoulder, and backless outfits with confidence. Look to Perkies for the best sticky bra on the market. The Perkies Sticky Bra offers replaceable adhesives and a plastic cover to re-cover the bra's adhesive between wears. They are also washable and come with a lingerie bag to hand wash your bra in! 

  1. Nipple Covers 

For days when you prefer a natural look without the bulk of a bra, nipple covers are a handy accessory. These discreet covers provide seamless coverage and prevent any unwanted visibility. Brands like Perkies offer nipple covers in various shapes, sizes, and materials. Perkies Petals are waterproof, washable, and transportable! Perkies also makes Perkies Nips which are nipple covers meant to enhance your nipples and play into the current trand of “free the nip.”

  1. Sports Bras for Active Days:

For those who enjoy hitting the gym or participating in sports activities, a reliable sports bra is a must-have. Brands like Nike, Under Armour, and Athleta offer sports bras with varying levels of support – from light to high impact. Look for features like moisture-wicking fabric, adjustable straps, and a secure fit to keep you comfortable during your active endeavors.

  1. Bralettes for Comfort and Style: Bralettes have gained popularity for their blend of comfort and style. These lacy or sleek alternatives to traditional bras offer light support and are perfect for casual days when you want to feel comfortable without sacrificing aesthetics. Brands like Aerie, Free People, and Lively offer a wide range of bralettes that can be worn under low-cut tops or as a fashionable statement piece.
  2. Push-Up Bras for Confidence: When you're looking to add a touch of confidence and lift to your outfit, push-up bras come to the rescue. These bras enhance your natural shape and can be a great choice for special occasions or days when you want to feel extra confident. Popular brands like Wonderbra, La Senza, and Soma offer push-up bras in various styles and levels of padding.


As you prepare to head back to school, don't overlook the importance of updating your bra collection. The right bras can boost your confidence, provide comfort during active days, and add a stylish touch to your outfits. Whether you're seeking all-day comfort, athletic support, or a fashionable flair, the bras mentioned above from various brands have got you covered. Remember, the best bras are the ones that make you feel good, both inside and out.

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