The Right Bra for Tube Tops!

The Right Bra for Tube Tops!

Tube tops are one of the most challenging tops to wear and pair. With tube tops nature to slide down or hug your torso tight, finding the right bra to pair the top with can be a real challenge. Since tube tops don't have any straps, regular bras are out of the running off the bat. Wearing bras with straps just ruins the appeal of a tube top! The reward of finding the right bra for a tube top is immense. When paired correctly tube tops can be a great addition to an already amazing outfit. Here at Perkies we’ve found two perfect solutions for all your tube top needs!

Seamless nipple covers: 


Check out these seamless nipple covers that come in 3 shades of nude to perfectly match your skin tone: Perkie Peach (light nude), Half Past Nude (darker nude), and Midnight (black). These medical grade petals have a matte finish and blend into your skin perfectly. Not only will these covers match your skin tone, but with the lack of bra cup and straps they will also be the perfect pair for your tube top. These Petals will allow for your natural shape to shine in your strapless top. Perkies Petals nipple covers are also washable and reusable, meaning you can rock that tube top over and over again!


Sticky Bra:

While normal strappy bras wouldn’t work with a tube top, our Perkies Sticky Bra works perfectly with the strapless look! With our Sticky bras we not only offer the perfect strapless look, but also with our patented replaceable adhesive we’ve built a bra that’s guaranteed to last you through many uses! Perkie Sticky bras offer comfortable, dependable support that will make your tube top a hit. Like our Petals, the Sticky bra comes in three colors: Perkie Peach (light nude), Half Past Nude (darker nude), and Midnight (black). 

At Perkies, we want you to feel your most confident in every facet of fashion and life—that is why we design undergarments geared toward empowering women to feel like the best versions of themselves regardless of where life takes them.
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