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The Perkies Lifestyle Diaries: Opportunity Dances With Those Already on the Dance Floor

Perkies believes in jumping into life, feet first. There are so many times in our lives when we could see an interaction going a different way, or if we had just said this instead, we might be in a different position. Opportunities are seemingly everywhere in hindsight, and as we pass through life, we dream of our big break.


But that isn’t necessarily the case. Many times, we miss opportunities because we aren’t putting ourselves out there. If we keep ourselves open to the world, then we’re able to act when opportunity strikes.


Life doesn’t always go our way; we may win some, we may lose some. But that shouldn’t discourage anyone from trying again.


So maybe, today, take a step onto the dance floor. You don’t have to be the one moving as if you were made for it – just taking those first few steps is an accomplishment in itself. But if you never take that first step, then you’ll always wonder what might have been.


Even if you think it’s too soon, even if you think you’re not quite confident enough, get out there. The dance floor is for everyone, if they want it. And then when opportunity asks to dance, you’ll be ready.