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The Perkies Lifestyle Diaries: Enjoy the Little Things, for One Day You May Look Back and Realize They were the Big Things


As the holidays approach, Perkies is reflecting on the year we’ve had. With so much of our world now irreversibly changed, one of the best parts of 2020 has been the increased focus on connecting with our loved ones. Whether through Zoom, phone calls, or social distanced meetings, we have strengthened our connections with others in all the ways we can.


And this may not seem like a big deal – it’s five minutes here, twenty minutes there, but we should all recognize the effort we’ve put into staying in touch. These moments are not ideal, but we may look back and realize how important these moments are.

Our months pass by quickly, our days even quicker. So much of our time is spent focusing on our jobs, our goals, our work, that we don’t think about those ten minutes where we relaxed; maybe it was a quick board game with your sibling, a catch-up email to your friend, but it was a moment where we connected with others, even if it was a little thing.

But we should be enjoying these little things! Ultimately, our connections are what strengthen us. If we look back on these times, we’ll be surprised at how much these brief moments meant to us. Not having the big in-person times we want doesn’t invalidate the small check-ins we do have.

So this Thanksgiving, the Perkies team is encouraging you to enjoy the small things, the things we don’t usually think about. Because looking back, we’ll be happy we recognized how vital these little things were and that ultimately, they were the big things.

Have a wonderful and safe celebration!
-The Perkies Team