The Perfect Goodie Bag for Your BFF's Bachelorette: Reusable Nipple Covers and More!

The Perfect Goodie Bag for Your BFF's Bachelorette: Reusable Nipple Covers and More!

Planning a bachelorette party for your best friend is an exciting and memorable experience. As you put together all the elements for a fantastic celebration, remember to create a thoughtful and fun-filled goodie bag for the bride-to-be and her squad. In this blog post, we'll highlight some must-have goodies for all of your bachelorette party needs. Let's dive in!


Nip Covers:

For comfortable and discreet support, Perkies Petals are a game-changer. Perkies petals are boob pasties made from soft, skin-friendly materials that adhere securely and can be reused multiple times. Found on Amazon and the Perkies website these covers provide an extra layer of confidence, allowing the bride and her bridesmaids to enjoy the night without any wardrobe worries. 

Mini bottles of bubbly or personalized shot glasses: 

Mini bottles of bubbly or personalized shot glasses are ideal additions to a bachelorette goodie bag. They add a touch of celebration and create a fun and festive atmosphere, ensuring that everyone can raise a glass in style and make lasting memories together.

Compact mirrors:

​​Compact mirrors for on-the-go touch-ups are a practical and essential item for a bachelorette goodie bag. They allow the bride and her bridesmaids to quickly check their makeup and hair throughout the festivities, ensuring they look picture-perfect at all times. 

Mini emergency kits:

Mini emergency kits with essentials are a thoughtful inclusion in a bachelorette goodie bag, as they come to the rescue in unexpected situations. From providing band-aids for blistered feet to hair ties for impromptu dance sessions, these kits ensure that the bride and her squad are prepared for any minor mishaps that may occur during the festivities.

Personalized keychains or keepsakes: 

Personalized keychains or keepsakes serve as meaningful mementos of the bachelorette party, making them a wonderful addition to the goodie bag. These personalized items not only commemorate the special occasion but also serve as a lasting reminder of the bond between the bride and her squad. 


When it comes to creating the perfect goodie bag for your BFF's bachelorette party, think beyond the ordinary and consider including nipple pasties available on Amazon. These items add practicality, playfulness, and a touch of confidence to the celebration. With a well-curated goodie bag, you'll ensure a bachelorette party experience that will be cherished for years to come!

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