The BEST sticky bra for weddings:

The BEST sticky bra for weddings:

Are you getting ready to walk down the aisle as a beautiful bridesmaid or a radiant bride-to-be? We know that finding the perfect undergarment to complement your dress can be a challenge. That's why Perkies Petals and Sticky Bras are specially designed with your comfort and confidence in mind. 

Perkies discreet and lightweight adhesive nipple petals provide seamless coverage, ensuring a smooth silhouette under any bridesmaid or wedding dress. No more worries about unsightly bra straps or uncomfortable underwires!

Key features of Perkies Petals:

  • Invisible Perfection: Say goodbye to bulky bras and hello to a natural, curve-enhancing look. Perkies Petals remain completely hidden under your dress, giving you the freedom to move and dance with ease.
  • Secure & Reliable: Our adhesive technology ensures a secure fit all day (and night!) long, allowing you to focus on celebrating without any wardrobe mishaps.
  • Breathable & Skin-Friendly: Made from premium, hypoallergenic materials, Perkies Petals are gentle on your skin, making them a comfortable choice even for the most sensitive skin types.
  • Suitable for All Dress Styles: Whether you're wearing a strapless, backless, or plunging neckline dress, Perkies Petals has got you covered - literally!
  • Travel-Friendly: Each pack of Perkies Petals comes in a discreet and portable case, making them the perfect companion for destination weddings or bridesmaid dress fittings.

Prefer a little more support? Say goodbye to traditional bras and welcome Perkies Sticky Bra, a strapless and backless alternative that offers unparalleled support! 

Key features of Perkies Sticky Bra:

Invisible Support: Seamlessly blend your natural curves with your dream dress. Perkies Sticky Bra remains entirely discreet, ensuring no unsightly straps or buckles distract from your beauty.

Secure & Reliable: Our cutting-edge adhesive technology ensures a reliable and secure hold, allowing you to dance the night away without worry.

Breathable & Skin-Friendly: Crafted from premium, hypoallergenic materials, Perkies Sticky Bra is gentle on your skin, providing all-day comfort and breathability.

Customizable Lift: With an adjustable front clasp, you can achieve your desired level of lift, enhancing your shape without compromising on comfort.

Reusable & Travel-Ready: Your Perkies Sticky Bra can be used time and again, and with its portable case, it's the perfect companion for destination weddings or dress fittings.

Make your big day even more special with the confidence that Perkies brings. Let your beauty shine through, and feel at ease throughout the celebrations.

Wishing you an enchanting and worry-free wedding day!

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