Support LGBTQ+ Businesses This Pride Month! #PerkUpSeries

Support LGBTQ+ Businesses This Pride Month! #PerkUpSeries

We are well into Pride Month 2021! With all of the amazing celebrations that have been happening, Perkies is hoping to add a further #PerkUp to the month by sharing three businesses you can frequent to support LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs!


Perkies is also doing our part – in honor of Pride Month 2021, the 5% of all Perkies sales donated to charity will be distributed to the Human Rights Campaign, an organisation that has been advocating for LGBTQ+ rights for over 40 years.


Happy Pride Month everyone!



 1. We Are Fluide

Make-up is for everyone – and that’s certainly what was on the minds of co-founders Isabella Giancarlo and Laura Kraber when they launched the cosmetics brand, We Are Fluide. In between fighting against gender norms and amplifying LGBTQ+ voices across their brand, We Are Fluide focuses on providing vegan, cruelty-free and paraben-free cosmetics that are designed for any skin or gender. A must-have for the next night out!



 2. Andie

Struggling to find a flattering swimsuit within a good price range? You’re not alone – which is why Melanie Travis founded Andie, the leading digitally-native swimwear line for women! With well-made suits that keep to a classic style, Andie is here to make swimsuit shopping as easy as possible. Summer can’t get here soon enough!





Taking care of yourself goes hand-in-hand with staying as healthy as possible. You do it for your body, so why not for your skin? Enter MALIN + GOETZ. Named after its two founders (Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz), MALIN + GOETZ is a luxury skincare brand that uses natural ingredients. Formulated for all genders and skin types, along with a focus on sustainability and reducing carbon footprints, MALIN + GOETZ is the perfect treat for your next at-home spa day!






The Perkies #PerkUpSeries is our way of promoting all the amazing people forging their own paths around the world. From the entrepreneur making the big boardroom decisions to the grassroots fighter making history, Perkies is here to provide a #PerkUp to the day!

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