Start Your Year With These 5 Startups!      #PerkUpSeries

Start Your Year With These 5 Startups! #PerkUpSeries

Perkies is jumping into 2021 with a bang! With many people facing challenges, we thought we could do with a little #PerkUp to remember that there are good things happening. So we’re highlighting these five female-led startups to show you all the amazing things that women are doing!



1. Holdette

Founder Sarah Greisdorf first had the idea for her company when she noticed that women’s wear, particularly women’s workwear, doesn’t have the same kind of pockets that men’s wear does. Now, Holdette has launched its signature suit with function at the forefront of the design process – the pockets are capable of holding your wallet, phone and key comfortably, all while looking good! The brand has also worked to build a community of the next generation of women, to fight for gender equality and to create a more sustainable future. Our only question is how can we get our hands on that Leslie suit?



 2. Jibs

Nowadays, versatility is everything. Women live fast-paced, constantly changing lives, and their footwear should reflect that, right? Well, Natalie Kathleen agrees. In 2015, she launched Jibs, a shoe that can go from the workplace to an impromptu hike without sacrificing comfort or style. With a focus on doing good in the world, from slipping “Have A Nice Day” into their insoles to creating an eco-friendly leather that is 98% biodegradable, Jibs is changing the world of footwear. Can’t wait to walk a mile in their shoes!



 3. Viv


After studying Marketing and Managing Social Impact, Viv founder Katie Diasti launched her own company that focused on combining her passions for women’s empowerment and sustainability. Looking to reduce the amount of plastic waste in our lives, Viv brings eco-friendly period care, such as with their bamboo pads. The brand has also worked to give back to its community, with different levels of donations so that their customers can choose how to give back to great organizations. With this weapon in our arsenal, we might actually be looking forward to our time of the month!



4. Primary

Kids are always exploring, and pushing the boundaries of what their parents think is possible. Their clothes should reflect that. So Christina Carbonell and Galyn Bernard created Primary, which allows parents to find colorful, high-quality clothes for their kids without breaking the bank. With Primary’s commitments to breaking gender norms and sourcing sustainable fabrics, this brand is letting every kid play in the way they want, and ultimately grow into who they want to be – as their slogan says, the brand wants kids to live in their true colors. Will be definitely remembering this one for the registry!



5. Year & Day

Founder Kathryn Duryea wanted to change the way we all think about setting the table.  Especially now that most of us are working from home, we’re all increasingly attached to the flat surface we work at, eat at and spend time at; and of course, we all want to treat the table with some TLC. Year & Day makes it a simple process for us – the company offers elegant, sophisticated dining wear that is manufactured responsibly, with high-quality materials. Learning techniques from the best craftsmen in ceramics, flatware and glass, Year & Day ensures a beautiful set of dishes with a side of environmental sustainability to make the purchase that much sweeter. It makes us want to fully set the table, even if the party is on Zoom.




The Perkies #PerkUpSeries is our way of promoting all the amazing women forging their own paths around the world. From the entrepreneur making the big boardroom decisions to the grassroots fighter making history, Perkies is here to provide a #PerkUp to the day!




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