Our 5th Birthday!

Our 5th Birthday!

This week, we’re celebrating a significant milestone at Perkies – our 5th Birthday! Over half a decade, we've been dedicated to revolutionizing the way women experience lingerie, with a particular focus on enhancing comfort, confidence, and health. From the spark of an idea in a college entrepreneurship course to becoming a trailblazer in sustainable and empowering undergarments, Perkies has been committed to solving the sticky bra dilemma and enhancing women's confidence and comfort. Let's take a moment to reintroduce the essence of Perkies and how our groundbreaking offerings like the Perkies Petals and Perkies Nips are changing the way women experience lingerie. 

Empowering Women:
Perkies Petals and Nips have become cornerstones of our mission to provide discreet, comfortable, and empowering solutions for every woman. Petals offer seamless coverage under any outfit, while Nips bring a consistent, perky look that's both empowering and natural. Designed with everyone in mind, these products exemplify our commitment to inclusivity and body positivity.

Our Guiding Mission:
Among the many women we aim to empower, breast cancer survivors hold a special place in the Perkies community. Understanding the challenges faced by survivors, particularly those who have undergone mastectomies and may no longer have nipples, Perkies Nips offer a way to reclaim a part of their femininity and confidence. These reusable nipple enhancers align with the cultural movement of "free the nip," serving a dual purpose of promoting body positivity and offering a sense of normalcy and confidence to those affected by breast cancer.

Five Years of Sustainability and Social Impact:
As we celebrate our 5th Birthday, our commitment to sustainability and making a difference remains stronger than ever. Our innovative approach, featuring reusable and replaceable adhesives in products like the Perkies Sticky Bra, has set new standards for environmental responsibility in lingerie. Moreover, our support for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation® underscores our dedication to contributing to vital research and supporting women's health beyond our product line.

Thank You!
Reflecting on five incredible years, we're filled with gratitude for the community that has embraced Perkies and shared in our mission. The stories of empowerment, comfort, and renewed confidence from our customers, including breast cancer survivors who have found a new sense of self with Perkies Nips, inspire us every day.

As we look forward to the future, we're excited to continue innovating, empowering, and supporting women in every way we can. Here's to the past five years of Perkies, to the invaluable lessons learned, the milestones achieved, and the lives touched. Happy Birthday to us, and a heartfelt thank you to you, our Perkies community, for joining us on this journey. Together, let's keep striving for a world where every woman feels confident, supported, and celebrated.

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