Perkies Nips: Pioneering the #FreeTheNip Trend with SKIMS and Kim Kardashian following along!

Perkies Nips: Pioneering the #FreeTheNip Trend with SKIMS and Kim Kardashian following along!

The fashion world is buzzing with excitement as the #FreeTheNip trend gains momentum, and even style icon Kim Kardashian has hopped on board with her brand SKIMS introducing the revolutionary "Nipple Bra." In an unexpected turn of events, this trend has brought attention to Perkies Nips (& Perkies Pierced Nips), the brainchild of Founder Rosie Mangiarotti. In a recent LinkedIn post, Rosie shared her sentiments about SKIMS' foray into the nipple-enhancing arena and the unexpected opportunities it brings for Perkies.

Kim Kardashian's Influence:

The SKIMS "Nipple Bra" video stirred a mix of emotions for Rosie, initially raising concerns about potential replication by a well-established brand with a significantly larger marketing budget. However, after thoughtful reflection and discussions with friends and family, Rosie sees this as an unexpected opportunity. The Kardashian stamp of approval on the #freethenip concept not only normalizes the trend but also opens doors for Perkies Nips to reach a broader audience.

Leveraging SKIMS' Marketing Power:

By aligning with SKIMS, Perkies Nips gets to leverage their substantial marketing efforts, introducing the product to a global audience. This collaboration has the potential to attract the attention of retail giants, expanding the reach of Perkies Nips beyond the direct-to-consumer market.

Key Differentiators of Perkies Nips:

Rosie emphasizes several key differentiators that make Perkies Nips a superior product in the nipple-enhancing landscape:

  • Flexibility with Medical-Grade Adhesive: Perkies Nips feature medical-grade adhesive backing technology, offering flexibility in placement anywhere on a woman's breast.
  • Adherence to Bras for Lift: The product can be adhered directly to a bra, providing lift while showcasing the nipples, catering to a range of preferences.
  • Versatility for Any Outfit: Perkies Nips are incredibly versatile and can be worn with virtually any outfit, including backless, strapless, halter tops, dresses, and even swimwear, thanks to their waterproof design.

Supporting Breast Cancer Survivors:

Beyond innovation and fashion, Perkies Nips is on a mission to serve breast cancer survivors who have undergone a mastectomy and no longer have nipples. This commitment to a crucial demographic sets Perkies Nips apart, and Rosie expresses gratitude for the opportunity to continue supporting these individuals. In addition to this, Perkies is a proud partner of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) and has committed donating 5% of all website sales from to the organization since 2022. 

As Kim Kardashian and SKIMS shine a spotlight on the #FreeTheNip trend, Perkies Nips emerges as a standout product with unique features and a heartfelt mission. Rosie Mangiarotti's positive outlook on the unexpected collaboration with SKIMS signals a promising future for Perkies Nips. Join the excitement and be a part of this extraordinary journey as Perkies continues to redefine confidence and style. Thank you for being a part of this thrilling adventure!

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