Perkies is Growing!

Perkies is Growing!

We’ve been busy over here at Perkies, and now we can’t wait to show you the new things blossoming under the Perkies brand – as well as what’s coming soon!

Perkies Hats

We’re thrilled to launch the Perkies Hats! Not only are they a great product for the upcoming summer months, but now there’s something in the Perkies brand for men too. Perkies Hats are a great way to protect yourself from the sun’s rays while supporting the brand – and they also make a great vacation gift! We can’t wait to see you all #LivingPerkie in them.



Travel Pouches

As the weather becomes warmer, we’re finally able to step into those summer shirts; the ones with no shoulders, sheer panels, or no backs at all! And with that, comes our Perkies Petals. Discreet, supportive, and able to be used more than once, our Petals are ready to help you stay fashionable and functional.

And now, there’s no worry over damaging your Petals in a purse or having them smushed inside a suitcase. With our new travel pouches, you can ensure that your Petals are protected in preparation for their use. Keep living your active, bold, energetic life – Perkies is keeping up.

As always, Perkies is raising the bar for fashionable, functional products. Over the next few months, we’ll be seeing some great things. Stay tuned!

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