Meet Pooja

Meet Pooja

Originally hailing from Orange County CA, Pooja Nitturkar is interested in the intersection of design, technology, and entrepreneurship, creating brand identity systems, and designing experiences informed by comprehensive research.


As the Perkies graphic designer, Pooja has taken the experience she gained at RISD while studying graphic design and helped build the brand identity from the ground up. She has particularly enjoyed watching Perkies develop and evolve into its vibrant and fun self.


But what does she think of the product?


“I love how simultaneously inventive yet indisputable it is,” she explained. “It’s a brand-new product, completely unique to Perkies, but you see it and think ‘Well, duh, of course this is a thing!’ Like it was supposed to have existed all along.”


Starting her mornings with lemon water, stretching, and getting straight to work (coffee is kept for a midday perk), Pooja has loved working with founder Rosie Mangiarotti and the team, mentioning that the brand’s personality is a reflection of them all.


“I really believe in the product,” she added. In her opinion, Perkies truly solves the problem of finding affordable, comfortable, and supportive bras that don’t show underneath clothes.  Pooja hopes to one day be the creative director of an activewear company, and eventually the founder of her own, where she plans on creating daring statements, developing brilliant imagery and bringing diverse perspectives to entrepreneurship.


Her best advice? Be curious and messy, be resilient towards failure, and get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

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