Meet Rosie

Meet Rosie

Perkies was founded in a college course Rosie Mangiarotti took her junior year at Brown University. Through this class, students learned all about starting a company through doing close readings on entrepreneurial case studies. As part of the class, students were split into teams to come up with an idea- a product or service that solves a customer pain point- and to create a full fledged business plan. Rosie pitched this idea of creating a better sticky bra and her classmates were on board. Rosie worked alongside my classmates in a business team of six to transform the idea of the “Reliabra” (now, Perkies) into an opportunity, an opportunity that is now a commercial reality.

After Rosie graduated, with some wind behind her back through pitch competition success and Brown's Venture lab, Rosie decided to bring this idea to life and work on Perkies full time! After three years of a strenuous R&D process, the Perkies Sticky Bra (the only sticky bra with layered/replaceable adhesives) was launched during the summer of 2021.

Since the launch, Perkies has added other unique products to the line including Perkies Petals Nipple Covers as well as Perkies Nips Nipple Enhancers-designed for women who want to embrace the #freethenip pop culture trend, as well as for the breast cancer community. 

When Rosie first launched Perkies, she decided to donate 5% of all website sales to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Rather than simply offer financial support, Rosie decided to learn from breast cancer survivors and pre-vivors. Rosie spoke on the phone with them, she listened to podcasts, she listened to Instagram Lives, and she learned. Rosie learned that many women, post-mastectomy, do not have nipples. They lose a sense of their identity, a piece of their femininity, a part of their confidence. When Rosie created Perkies Nips (patent pending), she had these women in mind. Perkies Nips launched during the summer of '22. Perkies Nips are Reusable nipple enhancers to provide a consistent perky look - aligned with the pop culture trend and also serving a purpose for women who have had a mastectomy and no longer have nipples. Perkies is dedicated to sustainability, inclusivity, and empowering women to feel confident, while also donating 5% of website sales to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation®. 



Originally from Locust Valley, NY, and now living in Santa Monica, CA, Rosie was first interested in entrepreneurship in high school and continued during her studies at Brown University, ultimately graduating in 2018.

As the founder and CEO of Perkies, Rosie wears all hats as she works to put her vision in the hands of women everywhere. She has been able to work on pitch decks, create and test the product, garner customer feedback, and develop the company’s branding, all while making sure that Perkies consumers have the freedom to wear what they want.

“Women should be able to buy any outfit,” she said, “and not base it on whether or not they have a bra that works with it.”

Rosie has loved learning throughout the process and firmly believes that “it’s not the destination, but the journey,” she endeavors to create a bubbly brand centered on positivity and noticing the good around us.

Rosie incorporates the Perkies’ values into her own life, starting her mornings with a beach walk and a workout and spending time with the people she loves the most - especially her network of LA based female founders! Her best advice? “Don't take advice from someone you don't want to be.” 

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