Meet Our Newest Product - The Perkies Sticky Bra!

Meet Our Newest Product - The Perkies Sticky Bra!

Here at Perkies, we believe that passion makes possible. That a good idea, combined with hard work, can make magic. That positive attitude is what has gotten our company to where it is today, and is now responsible for our newest product launch: the Perkies Bras!


These bras all started when Perkies founder Rosie Mangiarotti went on a vacation with a friend, and noticed her sticky bra slipping down in the humidity of the evening. That’s when the entrepreneurial lightbulb went off for Rosie – the idea that sticky bras should be made with replaceable adhesives, so that they would securely stick for every wear. And although she didn’t revisit the idea until years later at Brown University, Rosie would eventually pursue this product to its fruition.


For years, Rosie has strived to develop the Perkies Bra – from the bra pad to the adhesives, she has worked tirelessly to find the best materials as she perfected the design of the bras.


“It’s really cool [to think] about myself wearing a product that I’ve created from the ground up,” she said.


Now our signature product, the Perkies Bras are the only sticky bras on the market with replaceable adhesives. So not only are you able to reuse this sticky bra (helping to reduce waste!), you’ll also be able to get a secure, reliable fit with every wear.


Coming in three different shades, these bras are backless and strapless, connecting through a clasp in the front. Each silicone adhesive layer will include pull tabs, to guarantee an easy removal, and can be worn multiple times.


Perkies hopes that with our newest product, we are one step closer to a world where women embrace freedom in their fashion. And as always, 5% of any sale on our Perkies products will be donated to charity.


Introducing the Perkies Bra – the sticky bra with perks. Let us know what you think of them with the hashtag #LivePerkie, or leave a review on our website! We always love hearing from our consumers!

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