Meet Our 2020 Interns

Meet Our 2020 Interns

At Perkies, we want to offer students opportunities to get hands-on experience in various fields within the company. For 2020, we’ve taken on four amazing women who are helping Perkies grow and champion empowerment. 



Meet Jane

Originally from Natick, MA, Jane Parven works as a social media intern for Perkies. Believing the Beyonce quote that “the most alluring thing a woman can have is confidence,” Jane starts her mornings with meditation and making her bed, giving herself a second to breathe before starting her day. 


Jane was initially drawn to Perkies for its founder, Rosie Mangiarotti. Jane described Rosie’s infectious energy and passion. Currently completing her undergraduate degree at Emory University, Jane found it incredibly exciting to work with a company pre-launch and to help see a brand to fruition. 


For Jane, the fact that this product is by women and for women makes it so appealing, and the motivation of the Perkies team to genuinely help other females be their best selves is a true inspiration for her.




Meet Chiara

Chiara Marshall is a digital marketing intern for Perkies. Presently she lives in Bermuda, where she completes her Perkies internship, as well as her undergraduate degree at Boston University, remotely. Her mornings begin with a quick check of the news, before throwing herself into her daily schedule. 


When applying to Perkies, Chiara immediately fell in love with the idea of a business that was created by women. As she continued working, she cited all the Perkies members’ enthusiasm and the mission to make every woman comfortable in their own skin as her favorite parts of the company. 


Chiara has had her own frustrating experiences with sticky bras and is excitedly waiting for the launch of Perkies. A firm believer in the idea that “you can never be overdressed or overeducated,” Chiara loves that with Perkies, fashion and function can happen at the same time. 




Meet Dominique

“Stop caring so much about what other people think of you and actively live your life.” For Dominique Nguyen, these are words to live by. Calling San Jose, CA home, Dominique is currently a graduate at UCLA and a product management intern for Perkies. 


Dominique loves the values Perkies stands for and the ingenuity behind its products. She truly admires Rosie Mangiarotti for creating a product that focuses on comfort, sustainability, and diversity. These three factors, which she says most other bra companies lack, make Perkies so unique. 


Starting her mornings with stretches, to make her feel at ease, Dominique is excited to do her part to solve the issues of endless headaches and wasted dollars so many of us face when it comes to finding a sticky bra. She can’t wait for the world to see what Rosie and the team have been working on. 





Meet Lydia

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, Lydia Bongiorno used the unique opportunity to take a leave of absence from her degree at Brown University, traveling the nation with her best friends and working as a social media intern for Perkies. 


Lydia jumped at the chance to learn from Rosie Mangiarotti, a Brown University alumnus, and was amazed by how personable and compassionate she is. Lydia added that Rosie immediately offered guidance in every possible respect and that Rosie reflects the positivity, bubbliness, and joy of the Perkies identity. 


Though she usually begins her mornings by pressing the snooze button, Lydia approaches her work with energy and enthusiasm. Originally from Marblehead, MA, she’s a passionate member of the Brown’s Women’s Lacrosse Team, and loves the replaceable adhesives feature of Perkies’ products. 


Her favorite quote? From David Bowie: “I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.”


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