Meet Melissa

Meet Melissa

As the lead advisor for Perkies, Melissa Studzinski loves how the company has reinvented a seemingly mediocre product. With experience across various industries, such as e-commerce, fashion, and retail, Melissa has been a vital part of the Perkies team. 


Originally growing up in Michigan and around Detroit, Melissa now lives in Providence, RI. She greatly enjoys her work with the Perkies team, citing working with founder Rosie Mangiarotti as one of the best parts.


“Rosie [has been relentless in] finding the right materials and the right manufacturing process,” Melissa said. “She’s worked hard to deliver a superior product at an affordable price.”


Receiving her undergraduate degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and her graduate degree from Harvard University, Melissa has excelled at Perkies, combining her consumer engagement and marketing expertise to help build the brand


Melissa starts her mornings off with deep breaths and counting her blessings, before moving on to the rest of her day. She lives by the words, “choose your choices – don’t get stuck in a rut.”

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