FAQ: Nipple Covers

FAQ: Nipple Covers

Looking for a better alternative to sticky bras and traditional nipple covers? Perkies petals are the perfect solution! Unlike other reusable nipple covers, Perkies petals are easy to wear and won't lose their stickiness. They are suitable for all sizes, from larger breasts to smaller ones. These matte petals won't reflect light in flash photography, and they're effortless to pack!

Where to buy Perkies Petals Nipple Covers?

You can find them on Amazon, our website, on Shopbop and select boutique stores on Long Island, including Tessa Reed in Locust Valley, and RELAX in Sag Harbor.

How to wash Perkies Petals Nipple Covers?

It's simple! Hold the petal with the adhesive side up under warm running water, use mild soap to clean the interior gently, and ensure they maintain their optimal adhesion level.


What colors of Nipple Covers are available? Perkies petals come in three shades of nude—light nude, medium nude, and dark nude.

How to pack your Nipple Covers

Use the thin clear plastic liners to cover the adhesive and place them in the travel case that comes with Perkies Petals. It's compact enough to fit in your pocket or any bag!

Three easy steps to wearing your petals

  1. Remove the plastic film
  2. Place them over your nipples
  3. Smooth the edges

Perkies Petals are perfect if you want a comfortable and adhesive-free option. They are of higher quality and inclusivity with various skin tones. They are easy to clean and highly portable for women on the go!

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