Empower Women This Valentine’s Day with These Female-Founded Companies

Empower Women This Valentine’s Day with These Female-Founded Companies

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! Whether you’re buying a gift for your mother, sister, or significant other (or even yourself – self-love is just as important!) this holiday, we hope we can #PerkUp your gift-searching process with these three female-founded companies. And to further de-stress the gifting process, Perkies is doing a 20% off sale for Valentine’s Day. Let your loved ones know how much they mean to them by getting a gift they’ll treasure every day.  


  1. Sweet Loren’s

Following her battle with cancer in her early 20’s, founder Loren Brill wanted to eliminate processed foods from her diet. When she was unable to find a delicious cookie with natural ingredients, Brill then set out to make her own. With the values of simplicity, inclusivity and never compromising, Brill did indeed make a cookie whose ingredients are plant-based, gluten and dairy free and have no GMOs. Whether you prefer edible cookie dough or a pre-made treat, Sweet Loren’s products are designed to give consumers desserts that are quicky, yummy and most importantly, made with love. We can already feel our mouths watering!


  1. Turbie Twist

In university, sisters Angela and Christina wanted to revolutionize the way women dry their hair. Both having long hair, the sisters eventually came up with the Turbie Twist, a lightweight, tapered towel that allows for one’s hair to dry quickly without frizz and allows you to avoid damaging procedures like hair-drying. The towel works on any length or thickness of hair, ensuring that this is a product that a wide range of people can use to improve their routines and maintain healthy hair. Straight into our shopping cart, please!


  1. Summer Fridays

Founders Marianna Hewitt and Lauren Gores Ireland have admitted that they’ve lost count of how many beauty products they’ve tried. Even with all of their trials, they were still at a loss for products with good ingredients and effective results – so of course, they created one themselves with a team of industry experts. Summer Friday’s has now expanded to a wide range of vegan, cruelty-free and paraben-free products to help women take care of their skin and as they say, “de-stress like it’s Friday.” Never fear, relaxation is in our futures!




The Perkies #PerkUpSeries is our way of promoting all the amazing women forging their own paths around the world. From the entrepreneur making the big boardroom decisions to the grassroots fighter making history, Perkies is here to provide a #PerkUp to the day!

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