Beat the Heat: How to Keep Your Perkies Perfect All Summer Long

Beat the Heat: How to Keep Your Perkies Perfect All Summer Long

Summer is here, and with it comes endless opportunities for fun in the sun. Whether you're hitting the beach, dancing the night away with your girls, or taking a refreshing dip in the pool, Perkies has you covered. Here’s how to style and care for your Perkies to ensure they stay perfect all summer long.

A Night on the Town
When planning a night out with the girls, you want to look and feel your best. Perkies Nips are the perfect choice for a spicy look under your favorite summer dress or top. They provide a natural look, adding simple elevation to your everyday style.

Care Tip: After a night of dancing and fun, remember that sweat can reduce the adhesive effect. To reactivate the stickiness of your Nips, simply wash them with mild soap and let them air dry. Avoid using moisturizers or perfumes on the area where you apply your Nips to maintain their adhesive quality.

Beach Day
For a sunny day at the beach, Perkies Petals are your go-to. Not only are they waterproof, but they are also discreet, perfect for wearing under your swimsuit. Petals provide just the right amount of coverage to keep you feeling confident in your beachwear.

Care Tip: Saltwater and sweat can also affect the stickiness of your Petals. Don't forget to wash your Perkies to reduce sweat and sand build-up.

Poolside Fun
Planning to spend the day by the pool? Perkies Pierced Nips are essential for adding a touch of fun to your swimwear. They offer the same great coverage as our regular Nips but with a stylish twist.

Care Tip: Chlorine from the pool can reduce the adhesive effect, so it's important to clean your Pierced Nips properly after swimming. This will ensure they stay sticky and ready for your next poolside adventure.

This summer, let Perkies be your secret to staying cool and confident, no matter where your adventures take you. From nights out to beach days and poolside fun, our Petals, Nips, and Pierced Nips are designed to keep up with your lifestyle. Follow these care tips to keep your Perkies perfect all summer long, and enjoy every moment with the assurance that you’re looking your best. 


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