A Trailblazer for Whom the Best Is Yet to Come     #PerkUpSeries

A Trailblazer for Whom the Best Is Yet to Come #PerkUpSeries


Yesterday, we all watched Madam Vice President Kamala Harris take her position. Perkies is so happy to be in a time when we can see women achieving great heights, and January 20, 2021 was definitely one of those days. Here at Perkies, we celebrate every woman in every field, and for the fantastic trailblazer Vice President Harris, we know her accomplishments are only going to continue!

Harris has always set the bar, breaking the glass ceiling wherever she has gone. It all began when she became the first Black woman for the San Francisco District Attorney; then the first Black woman who served as the Californian Attorney General; then the second Black woman to serve in the United States Senate; and now, the first woman, Black woman, and Southeast Asian woman to be the Vice President of the United States.

In addition to being an inspiration for millions of young women around the world, Harris’s groundbreaking career has shown that women can do anything they put their minds to. With her drive to make the world a better place and fight for every person, Perkies is looking forward to seeing what Vice President Harris will do next and what she’ll inspire next. Her historic legacy is being celebrated worldwide, from a small town in India from Harris’ hometown of Oakland, California, and the Perkies team has joined in.

So from all of us at Perkies, congratulations Madam Vice President. We gladly await what records Harris will continue to shatter...The best is yet to come!



The Perkies #PerkUpSeries is our way of promoting all the amazing women forging their own paths around the world. From the entrepreneur making the big boardroom decisions to the grassroots fighter making history, Perkies is here to provide a #PerkUp to the day!
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