A New Endeavor –  With The Same Amazing Adhesive Technology

A New Endeavor – With The Same Amazing Adhesive Technology

It’s said that the spirit of an entrepreneur never stops – after all, possibilities are everywhere, and the itch to create just never stops. And that’s certainly true for Perkies founder Rosie Mangiarotti.

It all started with a simple thing: Rosie’s mother, Carolyn, saw a newscaster using a Band-Aid to prevent his glasses from fogging while he had a mask on. Carolyn asked if Rosie’s adhesives – the same ones she's been working with for the Perkies bra – could serve a similar purpose. The question sparked Rosie’s entrepreneurial spirit, and after testing and prototyping, Stickie Masks™ was born! 


Thus, we are now introducing Perkies’ sister company – Stickie Masks, the one-stop shop for secure, anti-slip, anti-fog masks. With a medical-grade, skin-friendly adhesive, these 3-ply,  disposable masks easily adhere to the shape of your face and smoothly remove with no pain. The tight seal not only ensures that your eyewear won’t fog, but also that you won’t have to be touching and adjusting your mask while you’re out and about. 

Stickie Masks’ simple yet priceless solution means you can now worry about one less thing in the day. These non-medical masks also cover a wide range of needs. From the student who needs to prevent their glasses from fogging during classes to the woman on her way to happy hour in sunny California, there is a use for everyone. 

Stickie Masks have now launched, and we’re so excited to introduce this product to the world! It’s proof that creativity and innovation never stop – and that a product can make a big difference in people's lives. 


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