Meet the Team

Meet Rosie!


Founder & CEO, Rosie Mangiarotti
Brown ‘18, BA Business, Entrepreneurship, & Organizations

After years of her own bad experiences with sticky bras, Perkies founder Rosie decided to do something about it. Starting in high school and continuing through her entrepreneurship studies at Brown University, Rosie has refined the idea of a better sticky bra. Today, she brings Perkies to life, changing the sticky bra market forever.
Rosie is on a mission to fix the sticky bra problem. Perkies increases the longevity of sticky bras and offers a more sanitary experience.


Meet Kinsey! 

Brand & Content Strategist, Kinsey Lane Sullivan
UNC '13, B.A. Journalism & Mass Communication
Kinsey is a marketer specializing in brand and content strategy. She has more than 6 years of experience growing startups and small businesses. Today, she leads The Lane Collective, a network of marketing and sales professionals. Her favorite thing? Helping put mission-driven companies (like Perkies!) on the map.

Meet Pooja!


Multidisciplinary Graphic Designer, Pooja Nitturkar 
RISD ‘20, Graphic Design  

Pooja graduated RISD as a multidisciplinary graphic designer. She is interested in the intersection of design, technology, and entrepreneurship, creating brand identity systems, and designing experiences informed by comprehensive research. Previously, she has worked at PUMA, Evergent Inc., and various startups and organizations between Providence, RI and Orange County, CA.


Meet Julia!

Financial Consultant, Julia Xu
Brown University ‘17, Business Econ & Sociology 

Julia is a startup business consultant, primarily adding value to Perkies through building out a comprehensive financial model. Julia is the former Chief of Staff/Global Business Operations Lead at Alibaba North America, and built the global financial model for Disney+. When she was a student at Brown University, Julia founded Tink Knit, a McKinsey-Women’s-Impact-Winning nonprofit financially empowering single mothers through knitting.


Meet Melissa!

Lead Advisor, Melissa Studzinski 
Consultant & Mentor in Marketing, Customer Engagement, & Customer Loyalty

Melissa is a consumer engagement and marketing expert with experience across various industries (e-commerce fashion, retail, health care, packaged goods) within Fortune 500 and bootstrap environments. Melissa holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from The Wharton School at The University of Pennsylvania and her MBA from The Harvard Business School.