For countless women, sticky bras are a necessary evil. They’re expensive and difficult to clean, and all too often fall off when you least expect it - even on the dance floor.
Perkies empowers women everywhere to embrace freedom in fashion and in life. Bring on the backless frocks, sheer paneled shirts, and off-the-shoulder tops! You can dance, jump, and play - Perkies has you covered.
This is Perkies, the sticky bra with perks.
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Perkies envisions a world where women feel confident, comfortable, and adventurous with well-designed, reliable undergarments. 


Passion, because passion make possible.
Positivity, because attitude is everything.
Trust, because teamwork makes the dream work.

Market Validation

“The biggest issue is that {sticky bras} don’t work after you wear them a few times, and the other major issue is that the adhesive gets gross and you can’t wash it.”  -Kailey B., Age 22  

“I have to ask myself all the time, can I wear a bra with this outfit? Fashion is changing and so should our bras.” -Natasha S., Age 20


“My sticky bra didn’t really work that well, it wasn’t sticky enough, it had been used before. I’ve always been really annoyed by them; they are not worth the money because they stop working after 4 wears...tops.” -Meredith M., Age 27


“My first night wearing it was great, but not the 2nd time around. By the end of the night if I even sweat a little bit, the sticky bra would come off; any normal human sweats a little bit.” -Quinn M., Age 21


“I’ve had this sticky bra for a few years and it is so gross. I wore it a few times and it no longer sticks but I don’t have it in me to throw it out since it was so expensive to buy.” -Camille T., Age 27


“When it is a new [sticky bra], I have no issues. The bra provides necessary support and comfort. I haven’t used mine recently because the last time I wore it, it fell off as I was dancing and was luckily caught by my romper… that was when I left formal.” -Hannah L., Age 22


“I’ve had to buy 8 Nubra’s {leading sticky bra brand} in the time span of my college career. The sticky bra loses its stick after only a few uses, forcing me to buy an expensive new one.” -Charlotte P., Age 23


“Every time I’ve worn a sticky bra it’s ended up in my purse or under the table.”  -Wendy A., Age 43


“It is one and done with sticky bras. After one night of wearing it, the bra doesn’t stick again. Also the user is expected to hand wash it which no one has time for, and most of the time, hand washing does not even rejuvenate the stick!”                -Brooke W., Age 26


“My experience with a sticky bra was horrible, I danced a lot, got sweaty, it fell off and it wouldn’t stick again” -Riley M., Age 18


“After wearing it once or twice, sticky bras don’t stick or I’m pushing it up the entire time or it’s just being annoying. It’s an awful experience so I just don’t use it anymore.” -Caroline G., Age 28


“I honestly wore it one time to prom and after that I felt like it didn’t even stay on me. I only wore it other times with a really tight top so the top would hold it on.”    -Lauren M., Age 20


“I've thrown my sticky bra out without wearing it more than one time.”  -Sarah S., Age 21


“Oh {sticky bras} are amazing I love them — but only for one or two wears, then forget about it, there is no point in even trying.” -Carmen G., Age 26


“I told this to all the girls at my internship about Perkies and they all want one and are dying to know when they come out. My VP wants to work for you once you get started.” -Kaitlyn O., Age 21


“By the end of the night it’s a disaster because you are sweatier and they fall off. I guess they are the best for the use it’s needed for.” -Meghan B., Age 30


“After only a few uses it got super gross and had a bunch of stuff stuck to it.”        -Ally P., Age 21


“I like sticky bras but if I’m sweating, obviously it loses its stick. Right now I should probably get a new one because its stick doesn’t work but the first time I wore it I really liked it.” -Maura F., Age 38


“The reason why I don’t purchase sticky bras is because of how they are right now.” -Alex S., Age 25


“When I wore mine to the Gold & Silver ball I remember going into the bathroom and taking it off and putting it in my purse for the rest of the night.” -Grace R., Age 17


“I bought a sticky bra for Cotillion and after just one use the sticky bra lost its stick - I tried to tape to get it to re-stick but got a horrible rash…. I sweat a lot so something that doesn’t make that worse would be great” -Carly G., Age 16


“I am nervous it is going to fall down. I am nervous that if I go home after a night out I will have to forfeit the loss of the sticky bra because it won’t be sticky anymore.” -Vic A., Age 32


“I would feel so much more confident to wear any clothing item if I had Perkies. When can I buy one?”-Ali J., Age 29


“I like wearing sticky bras especially when I am drinking because I feel free and un-constricted. Overall it is an ok experience, I try to wear them sparingly and put them away properly so they maintain their stick, sometimes they get sweaty.” -Mikaela K., Age 25


“Please make Perkies. I have thrown out so many sticky bras. [Perkies] is a great invention.” -Carolyn M., Age 52


“Perkies is a genius idea. My sticky bra stopped sticking months ago but they are oddly expensive so I have not gone out to buy a new one.” -Alix H., Age 24


“Can you actually make those? It is very necessary. I need that ASAP. The sticky bra problem must be solved. Perkies is a brand I truly believe in. I would market Perkies for free!” -Katie S., Age 26, Fashion blogger/Influencer for @honestlykate


“Omg this is so exciting. This is amazing. Finally a solution. I gave up on sticky bras years ago, I now just don’t really wear bras, but if I had it my way, I would only wear a sticky bra— but one that works” -Emma D., Age 23


“It made me nervous that it was going to fall off. It was a one-time thing.” -Lexi S., Age 25


“OMG. I need to tell my daughter about this. I HATE buying these bras- I feel like I am always getting new ones. I walk into my daughters room after a night out and there is hair embedded into the bra, sand etc. - I don’t even want to touch it- I can’t believe she would put that on again.” -Kiki S., Age 48